Easy Tips to Organize your Kitchen - Use small tension rods to hold wire baskets at an angle under the kitchen sink

EASY Budget Friendly Ways to Organize your Kitchen {Quick Tips, Space Saving Tricks, Clever Hacks & Organizing Ideas}


"22 Life-Changing Shoe Hacks via The Krazy Coupon Lady"- Fitness | Clean Eating | Beauty | Fashion | Inspiration @ ShyneandInspire.com

The Krazy Coupon Lady

22 Life-Changing Shoe Hacks


Great money saving idea! Save up your dimes in a 2 liter bottle and once it is filled you could have $700!! #budgeting

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Strip the gunk off your tile floors and leave them smelling clean and fresh with the heavy duty cleaner!

365ish Days of Pinterest

Day 319: Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner DIY - 365ish Days of Pinterest


No matter how much you love your pet, you sure don’t love the hair they leave behind. It’s on the furniture, the carpet, floating in the air and for sure on your clothes! You clean the floors, vacuuming several times a week, maybe even every day and there's STILL pet hair everywhere! Have you ever thought that perhaps you're using the wrong vacuum? Read on as eBay shares the five cleaning machines to pick from to rid your home of pet hair.


Pet Hair BE GONE! 5 Amazing Vacuum Cleaners that Tackle Pet Hair


23 Mind-Blowing Hacks You Will Want To Share On Facebook


23 Life Hacks You Will Want To Share On Facebook


Im sorry, WHY have I never thought about this?!

Im sorry, WHY have I never thought about this?! | DIY Crafty Time


Living with less isn’t about the number of things you get rid of it’s about living with enough to be content and getting rid of the rest.  The rest is just clutter, unnecessary, energy-…

200 Things to Throw Away


Life hack

Life hack - FunSubstance.com


Mr Clean Magic Erasers -- cut in fourths -- two clean ones and two used ones.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers: Creative Uses For These Household Cleaning Blocks That Truly Work Magic! | Fun Times Guide to Household Tips


Have you always longed for a clean and organized home? The habits of people who always have a spotless house may surprise you. I’m particularly fond of habit #5 but am most aware of habit #12. What’s your favorite cleaning habit?

FamilyShare – Discover How to Improve Your Family Life and More

12 Habits of People Who Always Have A Clean Home | Best Cleaning Tips


Simple Life Hacks

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Healthy snack idea


Life Tips on Twitter: "Healthy snack idea http://t.co/FXM5VzXmGb"


Window insulation

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WHOot Handy Hints


Bathroom Tip

The WHOot

WHOot Handy Hints


34 Relatively Simple Things That Will Make Your Home Extremely Awesome… All good ideas. Toilet one is a little weird for me!

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Homemade fruit fly trap that really works!

Garden Therapy

Quick and Easy Fruit Fly Trap - Garden Therapy


Good old Martha taught us that rather than buying those ridiculously expensive anti-slip mats for a rug, just turn it over and run a few lines of acrylic-latex caulk every 6 inches or so. Let dry and flip over and your rug wont be going anywhere!

In this Crazy Life: Tips and Tricks- Part 2!


Inspirational Quotes Of The Week - 32 Pics


Declare war on stubborn carpet stains with this clever DIY trick!

The Creek Line House
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Decluttering without touching your stuff! It can be done.

My Love For Words

The Biggest Decluttering mistake you're making


52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home


手工 DIY 教程 教你如何整理耳机线~~~


13 Simple Hacks For Enjoying Music So Much More


The best broom ever! | techlovedesign.com This looks soo cool! Why don't they sell these every where? The hold the dust pan with your foot is awesome & how many times do we have to take all the dog fur balls off the end of the broom?! A must get!!

techlovedesign: Fancy Friday: Key Caps, Dog Beds and more


Goodbye to armpit stains: 3-4 tsp Dawn, 2 Tbsp hydrogen peroxide, 2 Tbsp baking soda. Mix together & rub in.

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