ELISABETH LECOURT - vintage maps folded into tiny dresses <3

Maps, folded into perfect little dresses by London based artist Elisabeth Lecourt. All of these pieces are from her series titled Les Robes Géographiques.

first nations

An Overview Map of North and Middle America Indian Nations . (The National Geographic has also produced a detailed North American Indian Cultures maps.

Courses of the Mississippi over the years. Beautiful as a graphic, fascinating as information.

Interesting and beautiful depiction of the Mississippi River. Each color marks a different course that the river has taken throughout its history. (Fisk, Map of ancient courses of the Mississippi River, Cape Girardeau, MO - Donaldsonville, LA.

A Hogwarts map based on films design, inspired by 16th century engraving style. Hand drawing. Vectorized in Inkscape and colored in Photoshop. (By Kiko -- gamma-ray-burst.deviantart.com)

Hogwarts: The Illustrated Map

Not a fan of HP but I like maps! Hogwarts Engraving / by ~Gamma-ray-burst (Kiko Sanchez, Spain) / A Hogwarts map based on films design, inspired by century engraving style. Vectorized in Inkscape and colored in Photoshop

Appalachian Trail Map ~ detailed

Appalachian Trail Map Mom loved maps, the Appalachian trail so I know she would have loved this.

Provencal Lavender Fields Map--

Lavender Map showing the main places to find lavender fields in the South of France.

What's that? You think I don't like the Peters map because I'm uncomfortable with having my cultural assumptions challenged?  Are you sure you're not ... ::puts on sunglasses:: ... projecting?

What your favorite map projection says about you. I hate the Peters Projection. Yes, I am that much of a map nerd.

map of Italian wines

Map of Italian Wines

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection. Atlas for The Blind,1837.

Blind embossed - David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, Atlas for The Blind 1837

California as an island    From an old map, created when California was believed to be an island.

California as an island From an old map, created when Calif ornia was believed to be an island.

Metro French Wine Map

Metro Wine Map of France

LES VINS DE FRANCE de David Gissen Voir le site de l’auteur. The coolest way to understand the wine regions of France. This is almost an infographic rather than an illustrated map, but never mind.

Map of the World drawn by Claudius Ptolemaeus, a Roman geographer in second cantury A.D.

Map of the World, drawn by Roman geographer Claudius Ptolemaeus, second century CE.

ethno-linguistic map of Ukraine

This one map helps explain Ukraine’s protests

This one map helps explain Ukraine’s protests - The Washington Post

Roman Empire Map, 120 AD

A map of ancient Rome.

Memory Work Spring semester: Need to know where the Roman Empire was? This 'at-a-glance' map of ancient Rome shows you exactly how it looked in the second Century A.

This is a map of the places that Mongol peoples live. The information is based off of w:en:Image:Mongolsethnic.jpg, and the map I started with is w:en:Image:Asia-map.png.  The orange line shows the extent of the Mongol Empire in the late 13th century. The red areas are the places dominated by ethnic Mongols.

This map shows the boundary of century Mongol Empire compared to today's Mongols. The red area shows where the majority of Mongolian speakers reside today.