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Project 333 Community Board

What's in your closet?

Project 333 Community Board

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When you take on the challenge to dress with less, you’ll challenge your relationship with stuff, your definition of enough, and what really makes you happy. This little fashion experiment is about so much more than clothes and hangers. It’s about making the space, time, confidence and clarity to create a life that is full of what matters most to you.

How to Buy Less AND Create the Best Wardrobe You've Ever Had

Minimalist Fashion Challenge Project 333 Rules Refresher + Q & A: I always wanted more closet space, and by dressing with less, I created it. If you need more space, own less stuff.

66 Item Challenge: Really hoping it is going to cool down soon so I can wear these items I have closen for Autumn from my total wardrobe of 66 items of clothing. Some new interesting shoes and a contrasting gold bag to add interest to a very neutral palette. Scarves will add colour too once it is cool enough to wear them.

5 Ways to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Mix and Match Fall Outfits from the Loft with this year's hot colors mustard, mauve, and cobalt blue.

66 Item Challenge: I have gone down a clothing size and while that works with some of my existing clothes, others are now a poor fit. I am gradually replacing them as I certainly don't feel the 'joy' in badly fitting items.

Create a Capsule Wardrobe that Sparks Joy

66 Item challenge: having lost 5kg I have to retire some items and replace them. Sticking to neutrals with a splash of colour in accessories occassionally. Weather is still very hot and humid here in the subtropics (with a cyclone today!) so there will be more items retiring once it cools and I actually try on my autumn items.

  • Michele G.
    Michele G.

    This pin does not link to any sort of article or blog post...just the photo above. Was it supposed to?

  • Holly Humphrey
    Holly Humphrey

    No unlike a lot of people I am not selling anything! Just sharing my journey with moving to a more minimal wardrobe :-)

From BBC News: The Stuff Paradox - A recent survey by the National Association of Professional Organizers reveals that 54% of Americans feel overwhelmed by clutter and 78% have no idea what to do with it.

You will love this video from Verena Erin on building a capsule wardrobe.

  • Allison Cooley
    Allison Cooley

    I'm new to project 333 and this really helped me to visualize how the paring down process should go. I'm tackling it this afternoon!

4 ways to get creative with a tiny wardrobe

If you are a beginner or somewhere in your journey to simplify your life and become a minimalist, enjoy these tiny steps.

66 Item Challenge: Blue, in its many forms from navy and indigo to powder and periwinkle, works as a neutral in a capsule wardrobe. It pairs beautifully with the neutrals black, white and grey, but also with all colours, as long as you get the shade/tone right.

Top 10 Reasons Why Today is the Best Day to Declutter Your Closet

My response to a Vogue Marketing Director's remark that "Project 333 is too severe for most people."

  • Judith Hodges
    Judith Hodges

    Extremely well-put!

  • Shauna Pugh
    Shauna Pugh

    Well I would agree it is very difficult to accomplish and it would not pay for vogue to have its readers buy less. To be honest p333 has released me from my shopping compulsion and randomly made me so excited for spring and summer so I can wear last year's clothing. I applied simplicity to my home and feel fab. You know how everyone says that they are busy these days...this helped me go someway to reducing the clutter,luxury and drama.

  • Shauna Pugh
    Shauna Pugh

    Simplicity is the new American dream. Satisfaction-control over finances- more time for life. P333 is anti-consumption.

  • Shauna Pugh
    Shauna Pugh

    P33 is a capsule wardrobe how many times has that concept been mentioned in vogue?

One of the best parts of Project 333 is that you are released from your shopping addiction or casual shopping habit for 3 whole months. Dressing with less will help you get everything you really want.

Chau's Project 333 Style Story

10 Ways to Own Less

66 Item Challenge: Grey and taupe as neutrals often a softer alternative to black while being equally versatile. It also works beautifully for those who love silver in their jewellry and accessories.

  • Elizabeth @ Iconic Fox
    Elizabeth @ Iconic Fox


66 Item Challenge: Black, and black and white patterns, can do the 'heavy lifting' in a capsule wardrobe. Can be mixed with any other colour, slow to show dirt and wear, helps with the 'slimming silhouette' many of us aim for :-) and always a great choice in the city.

  • mauishopgirl

    I'm a black, white & charcoal dresser with a few items in army green (army looks great with charcoal). To get away from all black shoes all the time, I've found metallic and camel looks great with my base colors (I'm short so a black shoe can cut me off).

  • Holly Humphrey
    Holly Humphrey

    Good idea about the army green! I have a few metallic shoes for the same reason :-)

66 Item Challenge: Neutrals are the bedrock of a capsule wardrobe. Metallics in accessories adds interest for those who don't want too much colour even in accessories.