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Coffee Table Books

I own a Kindle now, so my book purchasing has really slowed down. The one exception? Coffee Table Books! I only wish I had a bigger coffee table.

Coffee Table Books

  • 75 Pins

Pasta by Design, a followup to "The Geometry of Pasta". The bok does an ambitious design analysis of 90 types of pasta. How fun!

  • Kristen Jones Connell (Mrs. Sunnymead)
    Kristen Jones Connell (Mrs. Sunnymead)

    Brainpickings is one of my favorite sites.

When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped onto the lunar surface in July of 1969, they wore spacesuits made by Playtex: twenty-one layers of fabric, each with a distinct yet interrelated function, custom-sewn for them by seamstresses whose usual work was fashioning bras and girdles. This book is the story of those spacesuits. It is a story of the triumph over the military-industrial complex by the International Latex Corporation, best known by its consumer brand of "Playtex"—a victory of elegant softness over engineered hardness, of adaptation over cybernetics.

  • Ann Elizabeth
    Ann Elizabeth

    "Team Moon" (Catherine Thimmesh) is also a wonderful book detailing the many jobs and people that it took to get those guys to the moon (including how to pack their sandwiches).

Gandhi. Penguin Books. A Manga Biography

Manga Bookshelf
  • Mel

    I just read the Dalai Lama one of these (there's also one on Che), it was really good, I'm looking forward to reading the others :D

  • DJ Seifert
    DJ Seifert

    We would do well to have and maintain Gandhi in our collective consciousness.

The Ramayana told in beautiful illustration. Definitely getting these.

  • Heidi Willem
    Heidi Willem

    Own this and every page is beautiful!

Norton Sociology is a new textbook featuring 20 full page information graphics designed by "kiss me i'm polish"

  • mazeri

    love this

  • Laura

    I ordered the free poster!

Pollen: The Hidden Sexuality of Flowers. $41

--Seeds: Time Capsules of Life by Rob Kessler. Amazing! Also a book on fruits & pollen.

CQout Online Auctions - Closed Auction Lot # 13870823

The Art of Pixar: 25th Anniv.: The Complete Color Scripts and Select Art from 25 Years of Animation

La Tartine Gourmande; Recipes for an Inspired Life. This is a cookbook based on one of my absolute favorite food blogs. $35

Bee. $27. Honeybees were the first creatures examined by seventeenth-century scientists whose primitive microscopes suggested a complex system of construction. Now, magnified hundreds to thousands of times with a latest generation high-resolution scanning electron microscope, honeybees appear as architectural masterpieces—an elegant fusion of form and function.

  • Vicki Hans
    Vicki Hans

    That is such a neat picture. Kind of scary!

  • Nick Goodenough
    Nick Goodenough

    Kelsey and I went to a local farm town to hear a presentation at the Agriculture Museum on bees. The author of this book gave one of the presentation and I got one of the last 10 books! Bees are amazing!

  • Connie Warner
    Connie Warner

    My husband used to raise HoneyBees!

Islamic Design: A Genius for Geometry $10

  • Kristen Mae
    Kristen Mae

    i've seen a documentary on islamic architecture designs. so intricate and beautiful! looks like this book is along the same lines...

  • Chris Davidson
    Chris Davidson

    no beginning and no end

  • Guillermo de Llera
    Guillermo de Llera

    I have this book, and I can testify that it is an amazing piece of analytical work. Highly recommended.

Hungover Owls. Dangerous things happen when internet memes become coffee table books :) $10

  • Jane Wang
    Jane Wang

    Can't wait to see this one. Here is the interview with the author with his inspiration for his blog and book.

  • Lisa Reed
    Lisa Reed

    I saw this yesterday at Urban Outfitters. Hilarious!

  • Lauren Dingledine
    Lauren Dingledine

    aww haha.

  • Priscilla Perez
    Priscilla Perez

    Jeanna Aarhus hahaha

Artist and veteran Pixar animator Sanjay Patel lends a lush, whimsical illustration style and lighthearted voice to one of Hindu mythology's best-loved and most enduring tales. $20

  • Meera Seshadri
    Meera Seshadri

    I have this! Even after reading tons of 'Amar Chitra Katha' versions, I couldn't put this down. Amazing illustrations.

Odd Bits: a very gruesome cookbook $22

Odd Bits | Uncrate
  • Catherine Lambeth
    Catherine Lambeth

    This is nothing new-just new to us. For thousands of years people used every part of the animal. We lost our way somehow. With that said, I'm not sure I could eat head cheese-I just don't like the way it looks.

  • Katherine Morrison
    Katherine Morrison

    Catherine, you're so right. It's nothing new and very biologically appropriate and likely necessary. Offal supplies more b vitamins, potassium, zinc, copper, selenium and A than do muscle meats. Without offal, we aren't getting enough of these vitamins and minerals unless we supplement.

  • Chelsea Stevens
    Chelsea Stevens

    We still use all of the parts, it's called hot dogs.

  • Katherine Morrison
    Katherine Morrison

    +1 for hotdogs! (the good ones applegate)

  • Anna Echols
    Anna Echols

    Lynette Phyfe - you might need this for yoru 1/4 beef!

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The Impossible Collection of Cars: An art book that has some of the most amazing car photography of all time. $650

Star Wars: The Blueprints is a collection fo detailed technical schematic diagrams of everything from R2 to Jaba's throne.

  • Sarah Kuhn
    Sarah Kuhn

    Empire coulda used these. Y'know to double check that whole "exhaust port leading straight to the reactor" thing

New York Wedding photographer published a photo book about Italy. Every shot was taken with the iPhone 4, using the Camera+ app. As an aspiring cell phone photographer, I found it very inspiring!

The coolest thing anyone’s done with Camera+

Social Memories is a Facebook app for fans of personal infographics. It creates Nicholas Feltron style reports about your life automatically based by scraping your facebook status / photos and friend data. 19 Euros.

A taxonomy of office chairs. Having just bought a few second hand this sounds fascinating. Via

A Taxonomy of Office Chairs | Design | Phaidon Store

Pheremone. This book presents the compositions of Christopher Marley. The colors are entirely natural. Amazing! $44

  • Educated Guest
    Educated Guest

    We own about five or six of his works... butterflies, shells, a couple bugs (yikes!). He is an amazing artist. Truly incredible pieces.

  • Alexis Bednyak
    Alexis Bednyak

    His stuff is amazing.

Pheremone by Chirstopher Marley is a coffee table book that with insects, magnificently mounted and photographed. As a guy who used to collect insects, I'm amazed by Marley's presentation. $44

  • Karen Hollingsworth
    Karen Hollingsworth

    Graphically stunning

Classic Herman Miller by Leslie A. Pina

Good Meat: The Complete Guide to Sourcing and Cooking Sustainable Meat. $27

  • hanna jane
    hanna jane

    I want this one!

Usefulness in Small Things: Items from the Under a Fiver Collection $20

Pattern Magic 2 is the cult pattern-cutting book that gives detailed instructions on sewing stunning, sculptural clothes. After serving many years as a professor at Bunka Fashion College, Tomoko Nakamichi currently delivers lectures and holds courses on pattern making in her native Japan and internationally. This book brings together the results of the research on garment patterns she has carried out to help instruct her students.

  • Handmaker's Factory
    Handmaker's Factory

    There's a third too! but it's not yet in English. These books are amazing.

  • Laura Whitney
    Laura Whitney

    I made a cool dress based on his youtube videos! His work is amazing! I wish I could take a course from him!

  • Amy Steelman
    Amy Steelman

    I want! I want!

  • Jane Seal
    Jane Seal

    I purchased this book a year ago and it is still on my coffee, yet to get the scissors out!!

  • velvet elisa
    velvet elisa

    I have the japanese version, and it's quite complicated for me. I can only see the pictures... Glab!

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