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Ben Golder
Ben Golder
Ben Golder

Ben Golder

Designing, researching, programming

GIF-iti artist INSA has created the world's largest GIF artwork that can be viewed from space using photography and painting.

NASA's new two-story tall, 7 ton robot

NASA Langley unveils a two-story, 7-ton robot, ISAAC, one of three like it in the country

fabriciomora: Viollet-le-Duc - Entretiens sur l’architecture,...

Amsterdamse School Erker by Bart van Dijk (...), via Flickr

A billion-dollar surveillance blimp launching over Maryland, U.S. built by Raytheon - "JLENS, which is short for Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System, is a system of two aerostats, or tethered airships, that float 10,000 feet in the air. The helium filled aerostats, each nearly as long as a football field, carry powerful radars that can protect a territory roughly the size of Texas from airborne threats."

"Richmond, California Chief of Police Chris Magnus stands with demonstrators along Macdonald Ave. to protest the Michael Brown and Eric Garner deaths during a peaceful demonstration in Richmond, Calif., on Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014."

550 year old (from 1447) script specimen sheets by a scribe, advertising the range and quality of penmanship. From Münster north of Bentheim.

Neil Mizen in his "Man-Amplifier" mockup power suit at Cornell Aeronautical Labs. 1962

The General Electric Walking Truck, 1969. Click through to see a video of the machine in action.

Mockup for the General Electric Walking Truck, 1969.

The Most Detailed Maps You’ll See From Yesterday’s Senate Elections -

"What’s really remarkable about the lining seen above is not so much that the poor bishop had a bunch of hidden medieval pages on his head, but that they were cut from a Norwegian translation of Old French love poetry"

"While the text at the forefront (the upper text) of this spectacular manuscript dates from the eight century, what’s hidden underneath it is much older. To produce this manuscript a fifth-century copy of Paul to the Romans was palimpsested, as well as parts of a sixth-century Gospel Book in Greek uncial letters (the blue text that is shining through)."