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This is How Robots Fight

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Robotic Warfare 2

bigdog throws a cinder block.

Useless machine, advanced edition

DARPA’s Four Legged Squad Support System (LS3) is aimed at demonstrating a mobile, semi-autonomous legged robot which can carry 400 lbs of a military squad’s load, following squad members through rugged terrain and interacting with troops naturally, like a trained animal with its handler

2012 Voting Machines Altering Votes. Related interview with a voting technology specialist:

  • Susan Jones
    Susan Jones

    Happening on both sides. Shameful how no one can be trusted.

  • Katy Osterwald
    Katy Osterwald

    Pretty sure this is just a broken touch screen issue...

Lockheed Martin's Samarai UAV on a testing field.

  • Richard M. Starr
    Richard M. Starr

    that is one mean looking weed eater :)

  • Darren Surrey
    Darren Surrey

    So that's where I left my mower.

  • The Weird and The Glorious
    The Weird and The Glorious

    Did the Samarai break for lunch? Where are they?

  • Scott Simpson
    Scott Simpson

    So cool that it can fly and take video while spinning

DARPA has released the first video of its robot Legged Squad Support System (LS3) walking untethered and in the wild. Watch in awe as a robotic quadruped scales a rocky, forested hill while carrying a heavy load on its back. / This is the next step of the Boston Dynamics 'BigDog'

  • Dirk Aßmann-Staudt
    Dirk Aßmann-Staudt

    Strange! Building an artificial moving thing and still the need to give horse legs. Sort of limited phantasy?

  • Munawer Aziz
    Munawer Aziz


  • Brant Hindman
    Brant Hindman

    Enemy will never hear them coming. Is anyone else thinking old school? Why not just use an actual horse?

  • Anthony Brooks
    Anthony Brooks

    I seen this on tv a while back. When will the madness stop lol

  • Barbara Azucena Gallardo Fitch
    Barbara Azucena Gallardo Fitch

    yo quiero uno!!!!

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Hotpoint Washer Tears Itself Apart - Grand Final Day Entertainment / gets crazy after 1:25

  • Andrew Christensen
    Andrew Christensen

    psycho much?

  • Ralph-Maria Briggs
    Ralph-Maria Briggs

    I'd like my 5 minutes back, please.......

  • Dirk Aßmann-Staudt
    Dirk Aßmann-Staudt

    I think this is one reason why Asimov thought about his robot laws. No useful, even automated, gadget should be made to kill itself :(

  • Andy Skol
    Andy Skol


  • David German
    David German

    Johnnie not disassemble!

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it's a gif.

  • Amira Malcom
    Amira Malcom

    i looooove this movie

  • angie lando
    angie lando

    this movie is really great

Flipbook Robot Fight!

  • Sha Hwang
    Sha Hwang


  • Levi Johnson
    Levi Johnson


Siri meets Siri

  • Darby Sherwood
    Darby Sherwood

    This is genius!

  • GameAcademy

    funny stuff

Talking Carl vs Talking Tomcat

Sumotori Dreams. Humans can designate a direction to move in, but the rest is AI.

Cleverbot vs. AIM spam bot

  • Nathan John
    Nathan John

    this is a totally amazeballs piece of postmodern surrealism.

Roomba vs Nero jousting

Do Sims talk when no one's around?

  • Justin Maxwell
    Justin Maxwell

    ask cyn about our sims idling sometime...

Japanese Fighting Robots!

  • Ben Golder
    Ben Golder

    The inflatable head move was so cool.


  • Evan Sharp
    Evan Sharp

    Sha - that's what I was thinkingggggg

  • Justin Maxwell
    Justin Maxwell

    battlebots always pissed me off because THEY ARE NOT ROBOTS. they are kickass radio controlled vehicles, but that's it.

  • Ben Golder
    Ben Golder

    Hell yeah they count. According to the official definition of "robot" for this board, "robots" are defined as anything machiney/electronicky that looks cool or any fake creatures stuck inside a computer. If anyone pins a decent video of Survival Research Laboratories robots fighting, they get bonus points.

  • Justin Maxwell
    Justin Maxwell

    i don't have any video, but i have lots of photos of SRL at the Brewery in LA from around 2001 or so.

  • Anthony Brooks
    Anthony Brooks

    Lets throw in some AI and see what these things can really do

"You were mistaken. Which is odd since memory shouldn't be a problem for you." Cleverbot vs. Cleverbot

Talking Carls face off.

  • Peter Schuhknecht
    Peter Schuhknecht

    Oh my good, thats awesome :-D I'm since 5 min on pinterest^^

Core Wars / Scanner vs Bomber