This is How Robots Fight

A board for showing fights (or even just bickering) between computers or robots.
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Robotic Warfare 2

bigdog throws a cinder block.

Useless machine, advanced edition

DARPA’s Four Legged Squad Support System (LS3) is aimed at demonstrating a mobile, semi-autonomous legged robot which can carry 400 lbs of a military squad’s load, following squad members through rugged terrain and interacting with troops naturally, like a trained animal with its handler

2012 Voting Machines Altering Votes. Related interview with a voting technology specialist:

Lockheed Martin's Samarai UAV on a testing field.

DARPA has released the first video of its robot Legged Squad Support System (LS3) walking untethered and in the wild. Watch in awe as a robotic quadruped scales a rocky, forested hill while carrying a heavy load on its back. / This is the next step of the Boston Dynamics 'BigDog'

Hotpoint Washer Tears Itself Apart - Grand Final Day Entertainment / gets crazy after 1:25

it's a gif.

Flipbook Robot Fight!

Siri meets Siri

Talking Carl vs Talking Tomcat

Sumotori Dreams. Humans can designate a direction to move in, but the rest is AI.

Cleverbot vs. AIM spam bot

Roomba vs Nero jousting

Do Sims talk when no one's around?

Japanese Fighting Robots!


"You were mistaken. Which is odd since memory shouldn't be a problem for you." Cleverbot vs. Cleverbot

Talking Carls face off.

Core Wars / Scanner vs Bomber