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32 incroyables exemples de data visualisation

Ples možganov - Braindance #dataviz #datavisualisation

Braindance is a neuro-art project that tries to bridge the gap between science and art. Its goal was to find and visualize the differences in people's response to music they heard for the first time.

Who is Occupy Wall Street.

Who Is Occupy Wall Street? Showing the various demographics of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

rosensearchanalytics_cover_lr.jpg (JPEG Image, 469 × 650 pixels) — Designspiration

Rosenfeld Search Analytics Cover for “Search Analytics,” one in a series of books about user experience for Rosenfeld Media.

Brains with Beauty.that's the goal of every Infographic. With an increasing amount of data bombarding us in digital age, there has been a growing need to make sense of it all. Well executed infographics provide the opportunity to clarify previously …


Google is building the future, but its workforce looks a lot like an unwanted past

This summer, a flock of tech companies released numbers on the diversity of their employees.