Sugar Skulls

When learning, or celebrating Dia de los Muertos, many coloring pages are usually involved. With thousands of different ones, many students color pictures in honor of Dia de los Muertos.


I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul. - William Ernest Henley With a captain wheel instead

Love this tattoo idea Boxer Flapper Girl Tattoo Art. Tattooed boxer lady by Quyen Dinh

vintage tattooing

Sexy Victorian Tattoos

There is nothing I don't like about this photo. Pin-up style girl plus tattoos


It's Been A Summer - © Rik Lee To continue my theme of season related posts, here's a tattoo design commission I just finished. Unlike Wake Me For Summer (previous post), this illustration is parti.


It's like saying that you're going to step forth in life with no fear. I love the script and placement. Very nice.

sailor jerry

Tattoos Robert Pho Page 2 A Sailor Pin Up Girl. Jerry Sailor Tattoos Original Tongue In Cheeck Old School Tattoos.

soggetti smarriti

Marked - Russian Prison Tattoo Documentary - Russian criminal tattoos have a complex system of symbols which can give quite detailed information about the wearer.