5 feminine google font combinations

Lettered by Sarah Cole

I like the mixture of blocks and thinner lines here, and the way that the word fills the entire page.


Branding and poster design for Gustav Johanssons short film 'Everyday' by Albin Holmqvist


Combination use of blocking and font to create typographical designs -lettering_co: Hi guys it turns out this design was actually created by - the artist we reposted yesterday had actually stolen this artwork :( sorry - love your work!


Poster and catalogue for the the exhibition Blue Mist Gray Girls. In Memoriam Miroslav Tichý by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto at GASK (Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region); designed by Mütanta.

It's Nice That : Bureau Sandra Doeller Shakes Up Exhibition Materials Design - 57628 - Buamai

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Nike Poster There is No Finish Line red black white tyopgraphy strikethrough bold big flyer motivate sports

NY Times Logo with Stacks of Mail – Fubiz™

NY Times Logo with Stacks of Mail


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