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Creative photos using shadows…

Creative photos using shadows…

Cast shadow is when the shadow isn't in the person or object itself, but for example on the ground next to it/him/her.

When the shadow extends the gesture // Chad Alan Model: Rivi Madison

hand posture ref could be tight crop with lip and chin also When the shadow extends the gesture // Chad Alan Model: Rivi Madison


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nirav patel

When I run away look for me on street corners Having gone mad from some Concrete box I'm within image: nirav patel

PHOTOGRAPHY: Portraits by Chris Schoonover What a gem. New York City-based fashion and portrait photographer Chris Schoonover has a knack for capturing and transforming simple moments into visual.

by Nirav Patel.

Women by Nirav Patel

Light and shadows. Recently featured on VSCO, this dude is killing the shadow/portrait game.

Frida Gustavsson photographed by Benjamin Vnuk for Glamour France (May 2015).

stormtrooperfashion: “Frida Gustavsson in “Specilal Beaute” by Benjamin Vnuk for Glamour France, May 2015 ”