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DIY (Do It Yourself) Room Divider Folding Screen

The best part of DIY is not having to find the raw materials in several different places. Urban Accents NY saves you the time so you can concentrate on your room divider masterpieces. Ready made blank canvas screens in 3 different heights and multiple panels. We also have a blank white folded cardboard room divider.

We can create for you your own custom image room divider. This one was created for the University of Lavalle in Quebec Canada for their science department.

Custom personalized photo folding screen from 4ft to 7ft tall in multiple panel widths.

Functional photography on a 6ft tall three panel folding screen. Give us your image, we'll create a masterpiece to have for life.

Custom image room divider screen used as headboard with accent lighting behind it. Memories are bigger than ever now

Custom image on a room divider folding screen. NOW AVAILABLE!

Customer uses DIY 6ft tall- 4 panel room divider screen to create a beautiful painting. She also uses the screen to hide the ugly laundry area. Thanks Brooke from San Francisco

Hundreds of ready made printed images on a 6ft folding screen room divider. Use the blank canvas DIY (Do it Yourself) room dividers to create your own image on. Visit us at:

Any of these prefabricated room dividers can be accessorized in your own style. Add beads, photos, glitter, paint over, get creative. introduces DIY(Do it Yourself) double sided blank canvas folding screens to create your masterpiece. Available in 4ft, 6ft, 7ft heights from 3-10 panels wide.

DIY cardboard shoji screen

Room divider screens with art and photo printed images as well as the DIY blank canvas screen in different sizes

This is a great DIY art project for the family. Designing your own image on the cardboard room divider

This customer purchased the $59 blank DIY cardboard divider and painted a beautiful collage with her daughter. It came out beautifully.

Mrs. Spring Roll's DIY Folding Photo Screen : wedding diy reception decor Screen

DIY Contact Paper Cityscape Photo Backdrop

How To Frame a Standard Stretch Canvas

Create your own folding mural masterpiece with blank canvas room divider screens

You can't find durable blank cardboard in these dimensions. Custom cut and folded straight from the factory.