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Benjamin Skødt
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Awesome Half Sleeve Angel Tattoo for Men

Most of the people love to have half sleeve tattoo designs because they are easy to cover – up when you are at work place and these tattoos are not acceptable.

Go to >> for the best vaporizers for dry herb, wax, concentrates and e-juice (essential oil). All New X-PEN has durable new vertical coil for ripper hits.

Stoners live and stoners die, but in the end we all get high. So if in life you don't succeed, FUCK this shit and smoke some weed. STILL MY FAV QUOTE EVERRR.

$4.99 on amazon: I can’t wrap my brain around how this kitchen gadget actually works, but it seems to have great reviews. It peels, cores, and slices a pineapple in just a matter of seconds!

Bought the pineapple corer and it works great! 50 useful Kitchen gadgets you didn't know existed, Spiral Pineapple Corer! Hate cutting pineapple this would be amazing

Colt 1911, Such amazing detailing!

Sweet baby Jesus in the manger. I want these: Colt 1911

When you get it...

I have a riddle for you. First read it and try to figure it out. After reading the first time double check the final punctuation!


Want someone to stop texting you? Send this message: Service error Message delivery failed. Further message will be charge to your account. Yes! Need to try this