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multiplication game! they pull out a cup and answer the fact, as long as they get it right, they get to keep stacking.. could use with add/subtract

Math Power Towers - Math facts written on cups. If student gets the fact correct, they get to add it to their tower.

Another pinner said || I assume this is from a comic. I like it for a few reasons. 1. Captain America would definately say something encouraging like that. 2. I like how he says 'when you grow up' It made me smile. Sometimes it's hard to remember Spidey is so much younger than the rest of them. And 3. I like how the Cap is obviously having no trouble carrying him.

Spiderman and Captain America. The sad thing about this is that a few hours after Captain America says this to him, Spider-Man bleeds to death in the arms of his Aunt May after saving the life of his family.