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Dog in the section

"Come on. Come on. Throw the stick." (Poor dog should've been in our band. Our director accidentally flung the stick in the middle of a concert. The baritone section ducked just in time!

Piano teacher humor.

CartoonStock - 'All right Billy, until your 'staccato' touch improves, we'll be having our piano lessons here at the stove.

French horn humor <<< hey i play the trumpet :)

French horn humor <<< hey i play the trumpet :) <<<<I took French horn lessons once. I sucked

17 Cats Who Actually Love Being In The Water

Funny pictures about Magnificent Pizza Cat. Oh, and cool pics about Magnificent Pizza Cat. Also, Magnificent Pizza Cat photos.

Community Post: 20 Jokes Only Musicians Will Understand

Chopper probably would not find this too funny. How to tell if you're actually going to the vet / pet humor / funny dog stuff.