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Author of "The Writer's Guide to Weapons" (Writer's Digest Books), plus a pile of crime fiction and thrillers.
Ben Sobieck
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Automatic vs. Semi-Automatic vs. Fully Automatic Firearms: What’s the Difference? | The Writer's Guide to Weapons

TLDR: When writing, clarify whether the gun in the story is “semi-automatic” or “fully automatic” upon first reference, then use “automatic” as shorthand.

Why Would Someone Need to Aim a Shotgun? | The Writer's Guide to Weapons

TLDR: Shotguns aren’t idiot-proof, and they’re only as accurate as the people/characters using them. Shotguns are supposed to be the White Castle Crave Case of firearms: they&

The eighth in the thriller series created by Vincent Zandri.

Chase Baker & the Humanzees from Hell (A Chase Baker Thriller Book by [Sobieck, Benjamin]

How Easy is It to Find Fingerprints on a Gun? | The Writer's Guide to Weapons

TLDR: As it relates to firearms, fingerprinting isn’t infallible. When I encounter a topic I’m not familiar with, I turn to people like criminologist/crime writer Jennifer Chase to fill…

Does Getting Shot While Wearing Body Armor Leave a Bruise? | The Writer's Guide to Weapons

There's nothing magical about body armor (aka bulletproof vests or ballistic vests or bullet-resistant vests or any number of other names). They only protect what they cover, and they offer no guarantees.

Will a Gun Go Off if it's Dropped? | The Writer's Guide to Weapons

TLDR: Despite how it might benefit a fictional scene, it’s extremely rare for a gun to off accidentally, even when it’s dropped. It’s far more likely the “accident” is…