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Last month at HomeWorkingClub, we conducted a huge survey of our readers.

It's Official: People Want to Work to Live, Not Live to Work

A recent HomeWorkingClub survey has conclusively proved that people nowadays want to work to live, not live to work. Find the details here.

Upcycling is both fashionable and environmentally friendly. Read how woman has turned her hobby into a money making business.

Upcycled Bottles and Jars: A Craft Case Study - HomeWorkingClub.com

This inspiring case study focuses on a UK-based lady who's built an environmentally-friendly business based around upcycled bottles and jars.

I thought it would be fun to put together a little list of the realisations I’ve had so far this year. In truth, several of them could fit into the “depressing” column. However, I pride myself on an honest, “warts and all” account of freelance life, and hope I’ve managed to show at least a few silver linings in the clouds!

Freelancing 2019: Ten Things I’ve Learned - HomeWorkingClub.com

A professional freelancer and bloggers talks about the big life lessons he learned in the first half of 2019 - covering everything from politics to exercise.

Free learning resources are particularly useful at this time. Many people have lost their jobs already or are in danger of losing them, and lots of individuals are at home making plans for the future. Taking courses is the perfect way to use this unusual time productively, and these free Udemy courses remove any financial barrier.

Free Udemy Courses: Over 500 Available NOW!

If you're interested in learning some new skills, check out this article about free Udemy courses. Over 500 to choose from covering all kinds of subjects.

Creating attractive business documents can be challenging. Ensuring that multiple people can collaborate effectively in their creation is even harder. This Xtensio review looks at a product that promises to fix these problems, and allow you to create beautiful, functional documents in a matter of minutes.So, does it live up to its claims and is it worth investing in? Let’s find out.

Xtensio Review: An Essential for Business Documents?

Can one platform really help teams create, manage, and share attractive business documents? Find out in this Xtensio review.

Heather has written 150+ articles for Textbroker, so is in a perfect position to provide a thorough and honest review – the kind we specialise in here at HomeWorkingClub. She’s also been kind enough to richly scatter her Textbroker review with lots of insider tips for earning more money on the platform.

Textbroker Review 2019 - With Expert Tips! - HomeWorkingClub.com

This detailed Textbroker review looks in detail at working for this writing site and provides some expert tips from a pro on the platform.

The podcast includes a frank discussion of the peaks and troughs of freelancing, and tackles the question of whether there are ways to smooth out these ups and downs. You’ll have to listen (or read) to find out what we think.

Podcast 6: Is Freelance Feast or Famine Avoidable?

Is freelancing always "feast or famine." Are busy patches and quiet times inevitable? This podcast explores the subject - available as text or audio.

All the fully remote companies on THIS list have one thing in common: remote working is not a “perk.” Instead, the companies are built around it, putting it at the core of their culture.

31 Fully Remote Companies: Work from ANYWHERE.

Looking for fully remote companies that let you work from anywhere. We've looked at 31 remote first companies hiring now that allow just that.

I get asked to review a LOT of software for this site, and have a huge backlog of products to look at. However, in the case of this Link Whisper review, I couldn’t wait to get started.Why? Because Link Whisper appears to solve a problem I face daily as a blogger. If you’ve been running a blog for any length of time, you’ll quickly understand why.

Link Whisper Review: A MUST for your Blog? - HomeWorkingClub.com

In this detailed Link Whisper review, we look at a WordPress plugin that promises to make internal linking a breeze on websites old and new.

we question whether the working world has changed forever, and whether governments really have a hope of persuading office workers to return to their previous lives.

Podcast S2/E2: Has the Working World Changed Forever? - HomeWorkingClub.com

This episode of the HomeWorkingClub podcast discusses the future of work and looks at whether cities will change forever due to Covid.

Jack Oughton is a self employed photographer and writer from London. In this exclusive interview with HomeWorkingClub.com, he discusses the home working lifestyle and provides some useful advice for aspiring freelancers.

An Interview with a Self Employed Photographer and Writer - HomeWorkingClub.com

Home Working Club interviews Jack Oughton, a self employed photographer and writer from London. Jack has plenty of tips to share with freelance workers.

In this Grammarly review we investigate the who, what and why of this often-advertised online editor, so you can decide if it’s right for you. Does Grammarly live up to its own hype? Will it genuinely improve your productivity and enhance your words?

Grammarly Review: Legit, Scam or Waste of Time?

Is Grammarly legit? If that's the question you need to answer, this full and thorough Grammarly review looks in detail at both the free and premium version.

PopulusLive is a UK-based survey site where you are paid for sharing your opinion. PopulusLive works with companies and brands to gather feedback. They also undertake political research, and there are often surveys canvassing opinion on government policies and current affairs.

PopulusLive Review: Is this the BEST UK Survey Site? - HomeWorkingClub.com

Populus Live is a UK-specific survey site - but is it worth your time? This detailed PopulusLive review tells you all you need to know.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I was delighted to commission this review of Kolabtree, an interesting freelance platform for scientists, researchers and other academics. I get plenty of emails from people like this asking for home working options, so I hope this provides an interesting new avenue.

Kolabtree Review - Freelancing for Scientists, Researchers, Academics - HomeWorkingClub.com

Kolabtree is an interesting platform for academic professionals who wish to freelance in the gig economy. Read this Kolabtree review to find out more.

In our recent survey, we asked our freelancer respondents to tell us the one key piece of advice they would give to an aspiring freelancer. They did not disappoint!The replies form a mini “freelance start up guide” that anyone looking to take their first steps in this exciting world would be lucky to receive.

Freelance Wisdom: 24 Recommendations from Established Freelancers - HomeWorkingClub.com

All of our reviews and recommendations are completely impartial but some posts may include affiliate links that can earn us a ... Read moreFreelance Wisdom: 24 Recommendations from Established Freelancers

“is Slicethepie a scam?” then I don’t think it is. But does that mean it’s a worthwhile way to make some money? Well, you’ll have to read on to find that out. Online Earning, Things To Think About, Meant To Be, Money, Reading, Music, Musica, Musik, Silver

Slicethepie Review: Money for Reviewing Music? - HomeWorkingClub.com

Can you really review music and commercials online and get paid for it? The Slicethepie review looks at an interesting online earning opportunity.