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16 January 1362 – A storm tide destroys the German city of Rungholt - Conspiracy of Words Atlantis, Storm Surge, Lost City, North Sea, Conspiracy, January, German, Deutsch, German Language

16 January 1362 – A storm tide destroys the German city of Rungholt - Conspiracy of Words

After “all you can eat” and “my wife doesn’t understand me” there are few phrases more evocative, more redolent of mystery and desire than “lost city”. Which is what the mediaeval German city of Rungholt is now, having transitioned from “found city” to “lost city” under a massive storm-surge that swept across the North Sea […]

Today in the US it is National Weatherperson’s Day. Or – to be less precise but more accurate – there is a chance of National Weatherperson’s Day today. File under: predictio… Sea Photography, Photography Projects, Pictures Of Lightning, Lightning Strikes, Lightning Storms, Y Image, Natural World, Cool Photos, Amazing Photos

5 February – National Weatherpersons' Day (United States) - Conspiracy of Words

Today in the US it is National Weatherperson’s Day. Or – to be less precise but more accurate – there is a 60% chance of National Weatherperson’s Day today. With late showers. File under: prediction is very difficult, especially about the future | mostly x with the chance of a late y (Image source: red door […]

polar bears, hug, snow x 768 px] - Animals/Wildlife - Pictures and wallpapers Hug Day Pictures, Love Pictures, Cute Photos, Animal Pictures, Llamas Animal, Animal Hugs, Beautiful Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Cute Animals

21 January – National Hug Day (USA) - Conspiracy of Words

Launched in 1986 by the Revered Kevin Zaborney in Michigan, National Hug Day is an affirmation of the importance of touch and affection. Although it is not officially a public holiday, it is widely celebrated across the United States. Many foreigners resident in the US may find themselves caught up in National Hug Day – […]

Prosperity Pastor Creflo Dollar: Abusing the Gospel New Jet, Christian Apologetics, Marcus Garvey, Bizarre News, Black Church, Back Off, Video New, Private Jet, 30 Years

28 January 1962 – Birth of Creflo Dollar, American televangelist - Conspiracy of Words

Have you ever gone to a butcher whose name was Trevor Lamb, or had a school-teacher called Ms. Chalke? Someone whose name has a fit – ironic or otherwise – with the job they do? It’s a common enough occurence that the phenomenon even has a name: aptonyms. Aptonyms are, of course, a great source of […]

size: Photographic Print: A Close View of Opium Poppy Flowers Poster by Jason Edwards : Subjects Pink Poppies, Poppy Flowers, Opium Den, Pattern Art, Framed Artwork, Find Art, Flora, Plants, Poster

23 January 1912 – The International Opium Convention is signed at The Hague - Conspiracy of Words

It is the antechamber to The Hague’s Ridderzaal in 1912. Around sixty people stand around in small groups, packed close, making uncomfortable small-talk. There is a distinctly international flavour to the gathering. Most people are dressed in three-piece suits of a conservative cut and cloth, but a number of people in traditional dress – perhaps a […]

18 January 1896 – An X-ray generating machine is exhibited for the first time by Professor H. Smith in North Carolina Louis Smith, Physics Lab, Conspiracy, First Time, Professor, North Carolina, January, Words, Teacher

18 January 1896 – An X-ray generating machine is exhibited for the first time by Professor H.L. Smith in North Carolina - Conspiracy of Words

With a flourish, Henry Louis Smith lifts the cloth from the clear glass tank. A few ribbons of filmy haze swirl lazily in the water thereby revealed. Up close, he can see that the haze is made up of tiny dots drifting together, but from the low grumble of disappointment around the room it’s clear […]

13 January 532 – Nika riots in Constantinople - Conspiracy of Words Nika Riots, Conspiracy, Greece, January, Words, Horse

13 January 532 – Nika riots in Constantinople - Conspiracy of Words

What is a riot? A riot is property damage with a point. It is a great taking and shaking, a rollicking rampage, the unleashing of the collective id, society’s steam-valve. In the words of that lyricist best known for raging at, about, near, underneath, and – occasionally – against machines, Zack de la Rocha, “tha […]

Are postcards and salt water taffy a nostalgic part of your Jersey shore experience? - Ridley Town Talk - Delco News Network Seaside Heights, Salt Water Taffy, Singles Events, Picture Postcards, October 1, Conspiracy, One Pic, Austria, Fire

October 1 1869: Austria issues the world’s first picture postcard - Conspiracy of Words

From a serious historical perspective, it’s hard not to see this single event as the beginning of the end of Western civilisation, or even the ability of homo sapiens to walk upright and refrain from eating insects off of each other. It may not, in point of fact, have been the first time that “cards” […]

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi March 1678 – 28 July nicknamed il Prete Rosso ("The Red Priest") because of his red hair, was a Venetian Baroque composer, priest, and virtuoso violinist. His best known work is a series of violin concertos known as The Four Seasons. Baroque Composers, Classical Music Composers, Sebastian Bach, Vivaldi Winter, Vivaldi Spring, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, Music Humor, Music Memes, Teaching Music

4 March 1678 – Birth of Antonio Vivaldi, Italian composer - Conspiracy of Words

A large office. Grey, white and polished steel reflective surfaces create a self-referential and sterile space. The only decorations on the wall are 6 gold and 3 platinum records framed and hung behind the massive desk that occupies the focal point of the room. The desk is empty except for a carafe and glass of […]

World War I Australian recruitment poster, titled 'The Trumpet Calls', featuring an iconic image by artist Norman Lindsay Ww1 Propaganda Posters, Norman Lindsay, Historia Universal, Information Poster, World War One, Military History, Ww2 History, Vintage Posters, Vintage Signs

1 March 1901 – Formation of the Australian Army - Conspiracy of Words

The standard, modern army performs three principal functions. First, seizing pieces of real estate that someone has taken a fancy to. Second, stopping others seizing the bits of landscape they’ve taken a fancy to. And, finally, piling up sandbags to stop things getting very, very wet when it just won’t stop raining. Also, shooting people […]

Sixty years ago this past week, Francis Crick and James Watson discovered the structure of DNA Watch a two-hour NOVA special on this very topic. Hosted by Robert Krulwich, "Cracking the Code of Life" chronicles the race to decipher the human genome. Pbs Nova, Human Genome, Human Dna, Human Body, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Science And Nature, Life Science, Social Science

15 February 2001 – First draft of the human genome is published in Nature - Conspiracy of Words

Right off the bat, I’m going to have to regretfully turn you down. I just can’t see us publishing Human Genome in anything like its current form. Look, I Ioved the twists and turns – was actually a little dizzy by the end. But whenever you think it’s about to go somewhere, it just spirals round […]

1 February 1884 – First volume (A – Ant) of Oxford English Dictionary published - Conspiracy of Words Oxford English, English Dictionaries, Vintage Type, Conspiracy, Ants, Zodiac Signs, Art Projects, Darth Vader, Clip Art

1 February 1884 – First volume (A – Ant) of Oxford English Dictionary published - Conspiracy of Words

Alan, alongside an abbey’s ample acreage, addresses an arm about an ailing aloe – ablating and abrading – after amelioration. Alice, angry about aardvarks – always angry about aardvarks – admonishes, “Ahoy. Active adults ain’t alluring. Agricultural accomplishment ain’t always admirable against alternative achievements.” Alan acts aggrieved. “Ah, Alice, annoyed and agitated. Absurd aggravation after all.” Adds, […]

31 January 1958 – James Van Allen discovers the Van Allen radiation belt Van Allen Radiation Belt, Conspiracy, January

31 January 1958 – James Van Allen discovers the Van Allen radiation belt - Conspiracy of Words

What are the odds, you have to wonder, that it would be James Van Allen who discovered the Van Allen Belt? How many scientists had been sticking their noses up in the atmosphere’s business before him, without stumbling upon this belt of radiation that sits shimmering around our planet like the pretty and unobtainable and […]

30 January 1790 – The first specialist lifeboat is tested on the River Tyne Conspiracy, The One, January, River, Art, Craft Art, Kunst, Gcse Art, Rivers

30 January 1790 – The first specialist lifeboat is tested on the River Tyne - Conspiracy of Words

Under the covers it is dark and warm, but it is crackling. A charged space. Snaps and squirms and peals of laughter and muffled shouts. A press of bodies, backs bent, arms akimbo, fingers seeking out those vulnerable spots that lead to laughter. Gabe, who knows that I am only ticklish on the soles of […]

29 January 1888 – Death of Edward Lear, English poet Edward Lear, Tennyson Poems, English Poets, Morning Cartoon, His Travel, Children's Literature, Metropolitan Museum, Conspiracy, Atelier

29 January 1888 – Death of Edward Lear, English poet - Conspiracy of Words

Edward Lear is instructed to lift his game at work Cold is the office which lurks at the end of the hall into which Mister Lear is discourteously dragged to be heartlessly told to shape up, ship out or be bagged by his boss, who is grabulous, moustacious and tall. And who snarls, “Leave your […]

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart His Requiem Mass is my favorite piece of classical music. Funny Shit, The Funny, Hilarious, Funny Stuff, Funny Photos, Funny Images, Claude Debussy, Amadeus Mozart, I Love To Laugh

27 January 1756 – Birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Conspiracy of Words

An exercise for the deepening of humility and the gaining of perspective. A simple comparison. Consider the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Consider your own life. Look upon the differences without cringing or denial if you can. Humility will follow. At the age of four, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart could play – delicately and without fault – simple […]