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Manila, Philippines  ·  I like dark lipstick, horror movies, & Spanish poetry. I blog about my daily existential crises and daily adulting struggles.
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Clever way to display photos

EASY to do. This is a fun display to have, old and new pictures of the bride and groom, together and apart; idea for the backs of every other pew at the church and/or decor for the reception site ~Nicole

130 Journal Writing Prompts!  I really like these.  inspirational

This is my "diary " or what I like to call it , a journal. I like this journal because in here I write all my personal things. In here, I write about Rodrick and the horrible things he does to me. This is why I put my journal on my board.

A healthy, low carb replacement for macaroni and cheese made with broccoli, spaghetti squash, cheddar and Greek yogurt. Winter time is all about feeling cozy and comfortable. To me that means putting (Low Carb Squash Recipes)