Berenice Mir Casanova

Berenice Mir Casanova

Berenice Mir Casanova
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I Hand-Craft Steampunk Costumes From Old Parts For Movies | Bored Panda

I create Steampunk Artwork, clothing, gadgets and props for photoshoots and filming. Its my hobby and I do it in my spare-time. There is no commercial purpose behind, I do it because its my passion.

"There are several different sects of modern alchemy. There's potions, there's transmutation, and then there's the one that you care about the most: combat."

lunaghoststar: “ Mahogany medicine chest, England, 1801 The mahogany medicine chest contains boxes, bottles and tubes of medications to treat a number of conditions. The chest includes treatments to purge the body by vomiting (emetics), by sweating.

Panzergürtel Alchemist, braun                                                                                                                                                      Mehr

Such a great idea and beautifully crafted! Armor Belt Alchemist These beautiful armor belt stands out by it´s high quality manufacturing and numerous detials. Aside of five little bottles there is a bigger leather purse and a smaller one.

Schürze - Alchemist - Steampunk - Leder

Unique jewelry, fashion accessories and gadgets that support the Steampunk Idealistic Lifestyle