Emergency Rooms…

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Like when I scream at my best friend the first time I see her in the morning and every one in the gym looks at me weird. Then I do it on a deep voice then a southern accent and then~

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Especially if your crush admitted his love to you in said dream. no, I never had a dream where that happened, sadly.

I've done this a million times to my brothers lol

Don't bother putting your hand over my mouth to shut me up. I will lick you. Or I will bite you.

This makes me so nervous some times. Usually I tell someone once, they don't remember, others don't remember... and in later conversations they say something and I exclaim, "THAT DID HAPPEN!"

must of my childhood memories happened it's just that they were so weird. u would have thought i dreamed it!

& this is my partner...

All of the names of Gus bequeathed on him by his best friend Shawn in the hit TV show Psych.I love Psych!

Create independent learners: 1st - Stop and think and figure it out. 2nd - Ask a friend. Create an anchor chart to help students understand how to solve their own problems.

1st Grade READER'S WORKSHOP Kick-Off: 20 Days+ to Launch Reader's Workshop

my reaction when my husband asks where this new cat came from - Baby Good Luck Charlie

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Will you date me? Breathe if yes, swim across the Atlantic Ocean while reciting the twilight in Japanese if no.