Bernard Barsley

Bernard Barsley

London / Nice guy, likes to design stuff.
Bernard Barsley
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Godzilla vs Ghidorah by brianreedy

Ghidorah' by Miami-based American artist Brian Reedy. Linocut in 2 colors, 8 x 10 in. via WoodcutEmporium onEtsy

'Explore the Moon' from 'Moon Science Museum' is a projectthat collects information about our planet Earth’s bewitchingand lonely natural satellite — the Moon. This glowing ballin the night skyline stores a lot of mysteries and riddles, thatare yet to&

Dashboard by Zura Avalishvili - Dribbble

Time for some new UX & UI inspiration from modern web and mobile projects. A mix of beautiful UX patterns, meticulously created components and well balanced layouts that hopefully will inspire you…