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an old painting with two people and a dog
the five elements of water, fire, and earth are shown in this circular diagram
Detailed Information About the Chinese Zodiac Symbols and Meanings
The five elements of Chinese Zodiac. I love this stuff! Its one of my geeky passions.
the wheel of fortune with zodiac signs and symbols on it, as well as numbers
Gaiam TV Fit & Yoga
You probably know all about your Western Zodiac sign, but do you know what secrets your Chinese Zodiac animal can reveal? Find out how this ancient Asian system, Shēngxiào, might be of importance to you today:
a large green statue sitting in the middle of a garden
The Buddha, Montreal Botanical Garden, Canada
two women in the rain with chains on their backs
Shugendō is a Buddha sect that blends pre-Buddhist mountain worship, Shinto and shamanistic beliefs, animism, ascetic practices, Chinese Yin-Yang mysticism and Taoist magic, and the rituals and spells of Esoteric Buddhism in the hope of achieving magical skills, medical powers, and long life. Shugendo developed the practice of ritual ablutions in the rivers, the sea or under the waterfalls.
a poster with instructions on how to fly an airplane
10 Interesting Facts About Buddha (Infographic)
10 Interesting Facts About Buddha (Infographic) - Sivana Blog
an intricately decorated wall with two dragon on it
防水套管 | 饶安防水套管
A Chinese Emperor's Dragon with five claws, one of the nine sons of the Dragon, cavorting on the Nine Dragon Wall in Beihai Park, Beijing.
Běijí Dàdì (北極大帝), the Deity of the North, God of Mysterious Day. Often depicted with a snake and a turtle. Colouring Pages, Line Art, Tattoo, Oriental, Chinese Folk Art, Chinese Mythology
Běijí Dàdì (北極大帝), the Deity of the North, God of Mysterious Day. Often depicted with a snake and a turtle.
Confucius Buddhist Monk, Buddhist, Monk, Journey To The West, Folk Religion, Tang
a sculpture of a hand reaching up into the air
*Vitaka Mudra, The Gesture of Debate, explaining the Buddha’s teachings with the hands raised and the tips of the forefingers and the thumbs touch each other. #East #Asia #Buddha
Deities Mandalas, Ancient Chinese, Chinese Traditional Art, Eastern Art, Traditional Chinese Art
a red and white mask hanging on the wall
Large Chinese Opera Mask of the Monkey King
The Monkey King mask. #monkeyking #chineseculture #chinesefolkreligion #bernardboey #thebuddhawithin
some people with painted faces and masks on
Zhong Kui, evil exorciser, Taoist ritual, Taiwan
this is an image of a painting with people in the background and one person holding something
Southern Taoism - This is the form practiced by the majority of Chinese adherents, especially in the south of China and the island nation of Taiwan. This sect dates back to the 11th century when followers branched off from traditional Cheng-i Taoism. In addition to studying Taoist scripture, Southern Taoist practices include several rituals intended to restore harmony to the world, such as rites that unite a community with the cosmos, heal the injured and sick, and exorcise evil spirits.
a painting of a dragon flying through the sky with clouds in it's back
Tianlong, the "Celestial Dragon" of Chinese mythology