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A Guide to Trending Greenery. Types of greenery that are trending for weddings and home décor. Find these and more faux greenery at #fauxreal

I like them all for being gold sprayed except for dusty miller, both ferns and banana leave as they look a bit too tropical. Lambs ear is ok even if it is not gold sprayed


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Botanical Brooch- Gold Composition 2

Lady Grey Botanical Brooch- Gold Composition 2 - The sleek Gold Lady Grey brooch comes filled with assorted silk flowers (not pictured) that can be replaced with fresh flowers or greens of your choice, and replaced over and over again.

❧ Lily of the valley - Muguet ❧

This is the Lilies of the Valley bouquet. Lilies of the Valley symbolize future happiness. (We chose this because Archer always gets Them for May) “The bridesmaids' eight bouquets of white lilac and lilies-of-the-valley had been sent in due time,”