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Love Stage!! ~~ Watching Ryouma torture himself is fun.

Yeah god what kind of test is this?

Love Stage!! 19.5 - Izumi's into it. ... Ryouma should be worried

Ryouma and Izumi (ch.

Lol i love all of these so true!>>>FMA, though. lol>>> DAMN IT THIS IS SO ACCURATE

Lol i love all of these so true! lol<--- Ouran High school host club is so true

Love Stage!! ~~ Darling, we can ALL relate. :: Sena Izumi. Yep what I draw is never right.

I don't draw so bad. I think I draw good. But thos mem is awesome and I love Love Stage xd

7 chakras rainbow dream catcher. 7cm hoop by dreampeacepositivity

He has some beautiful dream catchers for yoga room

Look at all them muscular hand. Mm mm

For the future - Free!

space magellanic cloud the universe is an amazing place

Oh, Haru and Rin. I didn't even realize that, for some reason. TT~TT (Physical therapy for his shoulder?

Happened to me once

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It's hard to search for Free! pictures on Pinterest too.

Hahaha (at the bottom you can see Hetalia shirts) XD