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we love making books! here's a good bookbinding guide.

a whole collection of great kids book covers on t-shirts!

kids artwork tote-bag

25 Cute and Cozy Kids' Reading Nooks

Elephant Toothpaste: a GIANT step up from the baking soda & vinegar volcanoes we're used to

sidewalk chalk games and activities - 30 things to do with sidewalk chalk

"Expand an image" start off a child's drawing with a small magazine or photo image... and let them take off!

Play Create Explore: 120+ Activites for Ages 1-4

the prettiest little lantern tutorial!

DIY CRAFTS KIDS autumn lantern


Let's make a Beeswax Suncatcher. - The Magic Onions

baby gate

pinner said: My kids beg to play this game! Mommy and Daddy always lose. Our kids have better manners than we do now!

The Manners Game | True Aim Education & Parenting

make birdhouses

make shoebox houses

Water Balloon Target Practice

tissue and cardstock birds

sweet ballooon backdrop

Cool the kids off with a homemade sprinkler. Take a 2 liter soda bottle, poke holes in it. Attach to a garden hose via a male to male adapter that cost less than $5 at Lowes. Toss over a tree branch and let hang. You can adjust how the water sprinkles by adjusting the water flow. When the bottle gets stupid, just switch it out with another bottle, no additional cost!

clever. just shapes cut in a tarp.

Kids can bind the books they make with a hole punch, rubber band, and paper clip -- way more fun than stapling!

Milk and Cookies & 25 more clever party ideas for kids

Put treats in the balloons and then have the kids pop em!

make your own coloring book