Paris Opera House

Paris Opera House with its giant chandeliers. Being there in person, I could see why Gaston Leroux chose to use them as a weapon in The Phantom of the Opera -- love this place!

Top 10 things to do in Paris with Kids!

Top 10 things to do in Paris with Kids! Top 10 things to do in Paris period!

Bubble gardens in Paris

Gorgeous Bubble Gardens Pop Up in the Streets of Paris

“Ma Bulle, Ma Plante, & Moi” / Amaury Gallon These beautiful bubble gardens recently popped up in the streets of Paris to offer passersby a bit of respite from their concrete environs.

Montmartre, Paris

Lantern Stairs, Montmartre, Paris, France Sometimes I wonder if my past life had been one in which I traveled through Europe for whatever reason. I see these pictures and occasionally it feels like it should be a memory . maybe that's wishful thinking

poster remake by artist Katrina Regino

Movie Poster Remake Meme: Amélie how awesome would it be to do this as an art project

poster remake by artist Katrina Regino

midnight in paris poster remake

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The long awaited rain, rain storm, lights, art, trees, autumn

Oil on canvas. Montmartre, Paris, France by Russian Artist Evgeny Lushpin (Eugene Lushpin), new International "Master of Light.

Opéra Garnier, Paris

Plafond, Opéra Garnier, Paris Masterpiece of architecture, the Palais Garnier is known all over the world. Discover this temple of lyric and choreographic art.

Carousel in the snow ~ Paris, France

Christmas in Paris (A journey through the city

One of the oldest carousels in Paris near the Eiffel Tower I would love to visit this place in the winter . it is just one of those places where cold weather and snow just intensify the beauty and magic of the the place xx

Staircase ~ Montmartre, Paris, France                                                                                                                                                     More

Le Printemps à Paris ~ Spring in Paris

Still never been to Paris Staircase ~ Montmartre, Paris, France

Magical Streetlights in Paris

Breathtakingly Beautiful Pictures of France

Paris street lights "Winter Evening, Montmartre" by GeorgianaLane. ///// lights in the lamps light up the dark streets but also lead to something.

This is my stop!  #passporttoparis #travel

Art Nouveau Entrance to the Paris Metro at Reaumur-Sebastopol - 1904 - by Hector Guimard (French, - Photo by Eric Parker - Mlle Been there! in the was still beautiful!

carousels and the Eiffel Tower

Carousel by the Eiffel Tower. I haven't been to Paris for several years, so every time I see a picture of the Eiffel Tower, I want to be there!

Palais Garnier, Paris - France ~ @My Travel Manual

Grand Staircase Palais Garnier (Paris Opera House) the detail is amazing! Reminds me if phantom of the opera! (Um, yeah, that's because it's where the Phantom took place.

st-chapelle, paris. My favorite cathedral of all time. Next time I am there I want so badly to go on a Sunday for live chamber music!

The Incredible Blue Ceiling of La Sainte-Chapelle (The Holy Chapel) is a Gothic chapel on the Île de la Cité in the heart of Paris, France. It was built by Louis IX (St. Louis) for use as his royal chapel.

Old Architecture Balcony, Barcelona

"Old Architecture Balcony Design Barcelona, Spain It's in La Gran Via de las Corts Catalanes" I love the iron work on the windows very elegant