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1937 flood louisville ky | The Great 1937 Flood - Louisville, Kentucky - Why Nobody Cried

Great Flood of 1937 - Louisville

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Baptism in Morehead, Kentucky, photographed by Marion Post Wolcott in 1940

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Image Collections of Eastern KY. A "baptizin'"

Kentucky Digital Library

Hog killing was a value for rendering out your lard and make your cracklings and we use the scraps to make soap out of. The way we made lye was everybody had an ash hopper. It’s a big square box and you put all your ashes in it that you take out of the fireplace.

Do you remember Grandma's lye soap? - Appalachian History

Ranel McCoy~~~The Hatfield and McCoy Family Feud Photo 1899 West Virginia Kentucky Hillbillys | eBay

The Ywahoo Falls in Southeast Kentucky where 110 Cherokee women and children were massacred August 10, 1810.

Kentucky Cherokee

Old home made of hand hewn logs near Jackson. Breathitt County, Kentucky 8c13574u

Book Review at AppalachianHistor...: ‘Kentucky Hauntings—Homespun Ghost Stories and Unexplained History’

Daniel Boone built this cabin with his son Nathan - Kentucky

Miners at Blue Diamond Mines, Hazard, KY. 1922.

1930 First Location: Corbin, KY Bite of History: Harland Sanders's first outpost of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Sanders Court and Café, was located in the front room of a local gas station in Corbin, Kentucky. Word spread quickly that Sanders's special recipe for fried chicken cooked in an iron skillet was finger-lickin' good.

Fast-Food Firsts

"My earliest recollection is of the Knob Creek place," Lincoln said of his boyhood home, a log cabin in Kentucky. The 30-acre farm is now a historic site.

Abraham Lincoln Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story

ADVICE TO A 1912 BRIDE Years ago a Kentucky grandmother gave a bride the following recipe for washing clothes (misspelled words and all) : Bild fire in back yard to heet kettle of rainwater. Set tubs so smoke won’t blow in eyes if wind is pert. Shave one hole cake lie soap in boilin water. Sort things, make three piles. 1 pile white. 1 pile cullord. 1 pile work britches and rags. To make starch stur flour in cold water to smooth then thin down with boilin water...

My Homemade Laundry Soap is… Amazing! | Sugar Pie Farmhouse

In 1820, Martin Fugate and his wife Elizabeth Smith moved onto the banks of Troublesome Creek, a beautiful area in Appalachian Kentucky. There is no official recording as to whether Martin was actually blue, but he and his wife both carried a recessive gene that would turn their son Zachariah Fugate a startling blue color. Martin and Elizabeth had seven children: four of them were blue. Since the gene causing the blue coloration is recessive, the family had a 25% chance of having a blue child...

Small boy drinking water in his home in Kentucky, 1964.

USS Sachem ruins in Taylor Creek, KY

Appalachia in Black and White

Simply Pretty: Appalachia in Black and White

Old home made of hand hewn logs near Jackson. Breathitt County, Kentucky 8c13574u

"Leatherwood, Kentucky, 1964. Willie and Vivian Cornett sitting on porch." Willie, a recently laid off coal miner, and wife Vivian had 12 children when William Gedney snapped this exposure on his first visit with the Cornett family. Gedney Photographs and Writings Collection, Duke University.

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Mary Breckenridge (1881-1965), a nurse midwife. She founded the Frontier Nursing Service to provide maternity services to women in the Appalachian mountains of eastern Kentucky. Nurses visited families on horseback. This service significantly lowered the maternal mortality rate of the region served.

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Mountaineers cabin made of hand hewn logs near Jackson, Kentucky, Breathitt County 8c13602u

Coal miner's family | Kentucky Straight Creek Coal Co.

miner and his family eating dinner - Kentucky Straight Creek Coal Co. Four Mile, Bell County 1945


Nursing pioneer Mary Breckinridge moved to the mountains of Eastern Kentucky in 1925 with the dream of providing family-oriented healthcare to a rural population. She started the Frontier Nursing Service that year and later founded the Frontier Graduate School of Midwifery, today known as Frontier Nursing University. Photo by Wendover Collections/Frontier Nursing University

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