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Amusements - November 2011

Amusements - November 2011

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Sleep with one eye open.

Santa keeps a closer eye on the naughty list.



Ho Ho Ho

Don't mock my t-shirt or I'll bite!

Ohms Law - Respect It

  • Anita Powell
    Anita Powell

    gotta love physics...

This kicks Jane Seymour's Open Heart Collection's ass.

I'm ok. It's just a flesh wound.

This is such an amazing talent.

Star Wars Rubber Ducks.

Star Wars Rubber Ducks

If the famous terracotta sculpture army of Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang was made up of Lego -- as depicted in a chalk drawing for the Sarasota, Florida 2011 Chalk Festival.

LikeCOOL, Coolest Gadget Magazine.

This will protect you from more than the weather.

Long shot!

A vertical chess set is brilliant. Those who are owned by cats can appreciate this.

Skid Row stylin'

This student probably does not fit well within the standardized educational mold. I'll bet he/she turns into an amazing adult, though.


Yee Haw.

Fidel has a better chance of increasing his numbers...

Happens every time.

True dat.

This get more and more obvious every day.

Basic formula for Facebook thread.