"I Don't Dance" by Lee Brice.... I don't dance but here I stand spinning you round and round in circles it ain't my style but I don't CARE I'd do anything with you anywhere guess you got me in the plan of your hand girl cause I don't dance

by Evan Hunt Photography

Terranea Wedding Inspiration from Evan Hunt + Shawna Yamamoto Event Design + La Boheme Events

I love you So much too😢 Chub😢😢❤💋💋 You make me so happy... when ur near me I notice everything, I feel everything! And that feeling.... I can never get enough of it!😚😍😚❤😢💋 I Don't EVER want to get enough of it!

A once upon a time, happily ever after kind. I wish on dandelions and shooting stars. NSFW none of the pictures are mine unless it is specifically tagged as such. Very taken by my DH. You can find Him at formydandelionprincess