Like you know how they ask you to ask a parent before going to Well I never do! Lol

He feels like a bad boy going through Walmart exit<< i'm a girl and i do that lol. my mom is like always thinking we're so cool. so i do it to get her to laugh and be happy.

Ooh a could, lemme just pull out my spare ice cream cone and #instagram it :)

How about a "white cloud Ice cream cone? Looks amazing how the photographer captured this.

Super Bowl party idea - Chocolate covered strawberry footballs .... I thought of @haydenmaxon and @theresabosler and @Mary Powers Bosler and @elizabethbosler lol that's a lot if people buuut... Y'all like football and this is a cool idea for game day snacks haha

I thought of Hayden Maxon and and Powers Bosler and lol thats a lot if people buuut. Yall like football and this is a cool idea for game day snacks haha

I shouldn't laugh considering this is my job, but really, it is hilarious!

Kid on the Run from the Cops

it's raining watermelon...

I raised boys, so this looks like a watermelon seed spitting contest! (watermelon seed rain by sarah illenberger)

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I win :D/ just a little more fun, inappropriate fun. ss If it was that cop I might just add a paper with my number ;

I love the superwoman one, i know a few friends that enjoy that

awesome cute dresses The "burn book" is an interesting idea, if a bit oddly executed. Supergirl and the peacock feather ones are cute too. But some, like the cheetos and doritos dresses, just look like costumes from the film "idocracy".

I want this cake so bad it's giving me a hernia.

Rainbow Unicorn Cakes

Funny pictures about Sassy Unicorn Flavored Cake. Oh, and cool pics about Sassy Unicorn Flavored Cake. Also, Sassy Unicorn Flavored Cake photos.

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