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Less pressure, more FUN!!! 5 fun apps without winners and losers...

5 Fun Games without Winners and Losers - Best Kids Apps

You know when kids laugh so hard that they sound like the munchkins from the Wizard of Oz? These 5 apps will do that to them...

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If you've got a new iPad, iPhone or iPod touch (or not so new!) and need kids' apps, start here.

10 Kids Apps to Download Now - Best Kids Apps

Stuck inside with bad (or really, really, REALLY bad) weather? Download the newest app from Toca Boca. It's great for kids 4-9 or so.

Toca Tailor - Best Kids Apps

We've got the year's best Halloween apps for you right here, all in one place!

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I don't know if the world needs another photo filter app, but this one is sunbeam and sparkletastic!

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Mask Jumble Animals - Brand new from Pi'ikea Street!

Mask Jumble Animals - Best Kids Apps

Little Fox Music Box is a total charmer for little kids. Three different animated scenes with fantastic graphics, fun songs, and a music studio where your child can get creative with percussion.

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We're giving this sweet app away five times. Leave a comment on the post if you'd like to throw your hat in the ring!

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Flying whales. What else is there to say, really?

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Remember the old penny arcades? Now kids can travel back in time and enjoy sports themed gaming with a vintage penny arcade feel with the new Penny Parlor app. Download here.

Penny Parlor - Best Kids Apps

Kids can sneak into the evil Duke's mansion, recover all the stolen clocks and save the world with Beat Sneak Bandit, a fun puzzle app. Download here.

Beat Sneak Bandit - Best Kids Apps

The Toca Kitchen App lets your children cook and serve food to a variety of hungry animals. Just don't try feeding broccoli to the cat! Download here to start the fun!

Toca Kitchen - Best Kids Apps

Kids can create crazy and wild hairstyles for people and animals in their very own salon with the Toca Hair Salon App. Let their imaginations run wild and download here.

Toca Hair Salon - Best Kids Apps

Did you stand in line and get a NEW IPAD today? Or you an "order it online" wimp like me? Either way, you'll need some apps for your kids, because you're going to have to share!

10 Great Apps for the New iPad for Kids - Best Kids Apps

This is a GREAT app for toddlers. Not only is it cute and fun, it automatically adjusts the level of difficulty depending on how your child is doing. Also? Absolutely no reading required! Download:

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