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PIG OUT: This is a fun party game. Good for all ages and great for sleepovers. It works well for Christmas, and for family parties. GET READY You n...

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COTTON BALL TRANSFER: This is such a funny party game, everyone will be laughing and taunting in no time. It works well for all ages, from 7 years up to 70. TOP...

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CHOC-O-LOT: This party game is hysterical to watch, and brilliant to be part of! It's cool for a sleepovers, Christmas, Thanksgiving and for family eve...

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DIZZY LIZZY: This is a great party game for an outdoor party with the family or with mates. Fun for a sleepover if you have space. GET READY Get 2 broomstic...

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BROOM CHALLENGE has simple rules, but is pretty tricky to do. It's just brilliant to watch. GET SET You need a broomstick. Make sure ther...

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PHONE SEEKER: Good fun for older kids. You can play this in a mall, a big garden / back yard, or around the house if you have the space. GET READY You need 3 people to play. You can have more if needed. Everyone needs a mobile phone. Go to the local shopping mall, or outside.

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If you have a sleepover or any kind of party where you stay late organise an all night scavenger hunt! Before the guests arrive make up

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Who'd have thought a pile of cards on a phone would become a huge party game hit.....check it out.

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Some awesome sleepover games. These are the top voted games from across the site. Games with Gadgets is a fun new group of games....

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PASS THE ORANGE: This all time fave is good for kids or family parties, but also for sleepovers, birthday parties, and anyone up for a bit of fun. Get Ready Get an orange and sit everyone in a circle, or stand in a line. Go

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FAMOUS PRODUCTS: A nice ice breaker, for age 6 upwards. Good for family parties, for dinner parties, for most social events, sleepovers and kids parties. Preparation Get a small piece of paper per person, and write down the name of some famous products that everyone in your age group will know. For example: - sweets, - chocolate bars, - biscuits, - toys, - games.

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SLEEPOVER FORFEITS: Here are some great forfeits and dares for your sleepover, some hilarious, some gross. - Tell a joke in the style of the cookie monster - Stand on your head - Imitate a flamingo with hiccups - Hop to the 4 corners of the room - Recite the months of the year backwards - Eat a spoon of toothpaste, ketchup or anything a little gross (check for allergies first)

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SPIN TASTY: This one is a little more extreme, but harmless fun for a sleepover or house party. PREP Get 7 plates and a bottle that will spin. On two plates put nice things to eat. A biscuit or sweet for example. On the remaining five plates, put out some challenges to eat. You can choose things like: - mayonaise - ketchup - mustard - butter

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SLEEPOVER ANTICS: Here are some fun (some nutty) things that can be done to the first people who fall asleep at your sleepover. Knowledge of this should keep the party going for quite a while. KIT Make sure youve got - a rubber snake, spider, or similar - squirty shaving foam - a bowl of water

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SECRETS: This is a good game for sleepovers, for singles parties and for ice-breaking. GET READY Get a bowl and some paper and pens. You and your guests each write down a secret or a fact about themselves that nobody knows on a piece of paper. Put all the pieces of paper in the bowl then begin.

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BLAIR WITCH HIDE & SEEK: A new type of hide and seek to play using a mobile phone and house phone. This game is thrilling and fun. A great game for teens! GET READY Wait until it's dark and turn out the lights. One person hides with a mobile phone. PLAY! In the pitch black, everyone goes looking for this one person. Every so often he/she must call the house phone or another mobile and ......

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HAIRDRYER BALLOON TENNIS: This new game is brilliant fun for a sleepover! KIT For this hilarious game all you need is - a balloon, - a couple of chairs, - 2 hairdryers and - a sense of fun!

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BODY PARTS: A nice game for all age groups from teen upwards. Fun for sleepovers, for house parties, and any socials with your mates. TAKE THE PICS As guests arrive, the host takes a digital camera and asks the guest if he/she could take a picture of any body part they wish (not X-rated of course).

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PHONE SEEKER: Good fun for older kids. You can play this in a mall, a big garden / back yard, or around the house if you have the space. GET READY You need 3 people to play. You can have more if needed. Everyone needs a mobile phone. Go to the local shopping mall, or outside.

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21 JINX: This is a great game for sleepovers. It can be played with just 2 of you, or in a much bigger group. All ages from 7 years upwards. TO PLAY Get in a rough circle, and the aim of the game is to count up to 21. Take it in turns to shout out up to 3 numbers at a time, in sequence. So it might go as follows:

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DONUT GAME: A fab game for sleepovers, and for kids parties, family events. You need - donuts, one per person - string and scissors Play Hang each donut on a string, one per person, so they dangle at about mouth height. It’s all a bit random, but you get the idea.

Party Game: Donut Game from

THE MEMORY GAME: This game is a favourite for kids, especially at sleepovers and slumber parties. You can also use this for family games, especially at Christmas and New Year. Here’s how to play. YOU WILL NEED - a tray - a collection of small random objects (about 20 max for each round) - a cloth to cover the tray - paper and pens for everyone.

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