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PIG OUT: This is a fun party game. Good for all ages and great for sleepovers. It works well for Christmas, and for family parties. GET READY You n...


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SPIN TASTY: This one is a little more extreme, but harmless fun for a sleepover or house party. PREP Get 7 plates and a bottle that will spin. On two plates put nice things to eat. A biscuit or sweet for example. On the remaining five plates, put out some challenges to eat. You can choose things like: - mayonaise - ketchup - mustard - butter


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COTTON BALL TRANSFER: This is such a funny party game, everyone will be laughing and taunting in no time. It works well for all ages, from 7 years up to 70. TOP...


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CHOC-O-LOT: This party game is hysterical to watch, and brilliant to be part of! It's cool for a sleepovers, Christmas, Thanksgiving and for family eve...


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THE MEMORY GAME: This game is a favourite for kids, especially at sleepovers and slumber parties. You can also use this for family games, especially at Christmas and New Year. Here’s how to play. YOU WILL NEED - a tray - a collection of small random objects (about 20 max for each round) - a cloth to cover the tray - paper and pens for everyone.


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Some awesome sleepover games. These are the top voted games from across the site. Games with Gadgets is a fun new group of games....


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DONUT GAME: A fab game for sleepovers, and for kids parties, family events. You need - donuts, one per person - string and scissors Play Hang each donut on a string, one per person, so they dangle at about mouth height. It’s all a bit random, but you get the idea.


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SECRETS: This is a good game for sleepovers, for singles parties and for ice-breaking. GET READY Get a bowl and some paper and pens. You and your guests each write down a secret or a fact about themselves that nobody knows on a piece of paper. Put all the pieces of paper in the bowl then begin.


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PASS THE ORANGE: This all time fave is good for kids or family parties, but also for sleepovers, birthday parties, and anyone up for a bit of fun. Get Ready Get an orange and sit everyone in a circle, or stand in a line. Go


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