The Best Pin Up Tattoos
The Best Pin Up Tattoos
The Best Pin Up Tattoos

The Best Pin Up Tattoos

Do you love pin up girl tattoos? So do we! We've tracked down the best pin up tattoos inked by the best tattooists from around the world and displayed them

Vicky E's photo: "Artwork by @alexnoirtattoo Tattoo done with Electric Ink Pigments. #electricink #electricinkusa #electricinkpigments #tattoo #tattoosupplies #electricinkneedles #pftattoomachines www.electricinkus... Call us: (239) 574-8282"

Channel your inner Snow White! :: Pin Up Snow White:: Retro Style:: Vintage Fashion

Toblerone advertisement. by totallymystified, via Flickr

Zombie pinup tattoo by Joe Capobianco

I basically need a 50's pinup girl as my wife - oh, and a milkshake would be nice too!

Pinup ? Yes! Check this beautiful photoshoot. Makeup and Hair by Agne Skaringa

Thank you to all of the pin up girl fans out there! We've just reached 8000 followers :) #happy

Angel Wings Pin Up Tattoo - Emmy Van de Giessen -

Realistic Black Panther Tattoo - Domantas Parvainis #panther #tattoos

Black and Gray Lion Statue Tattoo - Carlos Torres #statue #lion #tattoo

Gil Elvgren Sailor Pin-Up Tattoo by Victor Chil