cowboy up

Thank you moms for letting your sons turn into cowboys Save a horse - Ride a cowboy!

men and dirt makes a good combo <3

I could be wearin all white, and still be down to get on that dirt bike with him.) lovin the mud. the bike. and the guy behind the handlebars ♥

Taylor Lautner

well hello, Taylor :) kind of makes me want to go Team Jacob

sexy country boy

Colin Wayne is not a celeb, but he's fucking gorgeous! Muscles, tattoos, rockin' the jeans, and he's a country boy!

It's criminal how sexy he is.

If I find out he's dating Justin Beiber, I'll just kill myself.

Bernardo Velasco

Gorgeous Brazilian model Bernardo Velasco is supremely shirtless here. What is it with Brazil.are there NO ugly men there?

Alexander Ludwig shirtless with a puppy!

Alexander Ludwig aka Cato from The Hunger Games shirtless with a puppy!