off centered button up hoodie LOVE

comfy cute fall hoodies and jackets. Love the side buttons!

This will be the motto of my household

Wake up and be awesome: Pallet Upcycling Project because well.we're AWESOME everyday of our lives aha

let's make these. outta potatoes!

Chevron arrow stamp set | geometric shape stamp | diy art journal | birthday card making | hand carved by talktothesun | set of 5

Talk To The Sun hand carved rubber stamp set. I have this exact set and have recently rediscovered my love for hand stamped goods because of these cute itty bitty little arrow stamps.


I absolutely love giraffes! On my first family vacation ever, I was able to actually go in a pen with giraffes and pet/ feed them. I thought they were so interesting and loved them ever since.

Caaan we get matching ones? haha

not only is it an elephant sweater. its a CREWNECK sweater. I would have an un-natural amount of fun with this sweater. how to w/ old sweater or 2 cheap ones.

Photographer mittens!

pattern for photographer mittens! love this idea! I NEED to learn how to knit/crochet. I know the perfect somebody for these.


You Fill Me With Sunshine - Fine Art Print (Large) elephant by freyaart etsy shop