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Tammy Family Pin Vintage | eBay Vintage, Dolls, Tammy, Family, Special Girl, Favorite, Ebay, Pin, Collection
Ideal Dolls & Doll Playsets for sale | eBay
Tammy Family Pin Vintage | eBay
an old silver colored lighter with the year book printed on it's front side
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We Get There When We do by Suddenly Tammy CD Mar 1995 Warner Bros 093624583127 | eBay
a drawing of a person holding a kite on top of a green moon with the caption, would you like to go?
Beth Sorrentino: Would You Like to Go -- A Curt Boettcher Songbook. Did Beth's old band Suddenly Tammy! get as raw a deal in the 90s as Curt Boettcher (the sunshine pop Phil Spector) did in the 60s? It's a chin scratcher for sure but I'm as excited as all get out to hear Miss Sorrentino add her distinctive voice and phrasing to Boettcher's classics (including the Association's "Along Comes Mary")
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Beth Sorrentino
Beth Sorrentino, Would You Like To Go: A Curt Boettcher Songbook -- This is actually on my 2013 list as well, but delays have pushed it back to 2014, with a new cover.
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Beth Sorrentino
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