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But I just can't stop using it...

This is me in a nutshell

Yeah. It's me...

  • Kim Clyde
    Kim Clyde

    me too!!!

  • Ali Benevento
    Ali Benevento

    for me this person is my dad... the worst

I'm most likely the latter


This is so me

This shall be my new approach

A Bug's Life

Story of my life...

  • Bonnie Clement
    Bonnie Clement

    ...and desperate for love!

  • Jaclyn Kaiser
    Jaclyn Kaiser

    HA Bonnie, you beat me to it! Can't you just see Chandler saying it??

  • Valerie Russell
    Valerie Russell

    Love chandler bing :)

So sad, because it's so true!

  • Jeff Carter
    Jeff Carter

    Too funny, too true. What head games we play with ourselves. :)


yep this pretty much sums it up


Tom Felton

Everytime....but I keep telling it anyway

Happens to me all the time haha

"I tend to keep talking till somebody stops me." - Chandler Bing

To do list.

Unfortunately, I'm extremely fluent

yup, thats exactly it


hahahah so cute.

lol med school humor

And none for Gretchen Weiners... hahaha Mean Girls