Johnny Depp....need we say more..*sigh*

I go back and forth on Johnny Depp.- Some people think you should only play a Dobro this way, but that's not true! you can play it like a guitar!

Mmm is all I can say

weakness for Scottish/Irish men. now if I could just hear him TALK. theres nothing sexier than a Scottish/Irish accent! Not fond of the mom tattoo men-of-scotland-and-ireland

How can he not inspire   (Alex Skarsgard)  Beautiful inspiration, don't you think?! =)

Alexander Skarsgard, Eric Northman of True Blood. He has got to be one of the top 5 sexiest men alive, in my opinion & he is sooo like on my WANT list!

WOW!!!! Yummy!!! =)

Attention, Fangbangers!

Alcide Herveaux - Joe Manganiello "Trueblood" I like wolves!

Oh because I love all flavors

Taye Diggs- MEGA hot, incredible smile, looks good in anything, good singer

I have no idea who this beautifully built man is, but he is a perfect muse for me hero in my WIP short story.  Great to look at for inspiration when your on a deadline! =)

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