How to Build a DIY Backyard Chicken Tunnel

How to Build a DIY Backyard Chicken Tunnel

Old Gringo Boots are a lifestyle brand with a vast flowing unlike the average “cowboy boot” company.

Please tell me this is a fact because I cannot stop buying boots.I need a shoe closet now.


Very thankful. it became my Lodestar that guided me back to living our country life and leaving big city life behind.not where we belonged anyway.

Farmer - cowboy boots- "He teaches his sons... daughters" quote- 8x10 photo print

Men get to be worthwhile people. Women get to aspire to mate with worthwhile people. --- Farmer - cowboy boots- "He teaches his sons.

Still use it at work when I drink all my water

My friend lock me out of her house and I was really thirsty so I drank out of the hose

So true!

There is nothing taboo or demeaning about hard work. There is nothing wrong with hard work or strong work ethics. Hard Work means meeting and defeating challenges and teaches you to stay on task.

Sooo true:) these girls that are city slickers think they can by a camo shirt and put on boots and they're country...sorry ladies!! its how ur raised and what u love that makes u country.....some of those kinda girls would scream if they got mud on em' country gurlz scream 2 ....cuz we're havin a blast!!! :) <3

City slicker think just cause they have a pair of boots n worn jeans makes em country. Its all about how ya was brought up n raised