hammered leaves on stone http://resurrectionfern.typepad.com/resurrection_fern/2009/06/the-stone-diaries-part-x-and-a-very-easy-stone-craft.html

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Want to learn how to take coloring to a whole new level? Then read on for tips to make it fun and stress-free...oh, and awesome.

How to Color Like a Boss


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Dale Chichuly at work

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Art, God's Paintbrush ♥ . . . . André Paul Guillaume Gide was a French author and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1947.

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kiki smith : It's on a daily basis. I'm always taken care of by my work. You let go of your own idea and let the work go where it needs to go. And that's sometimes very uncomfortable. One learns to linger in discontent and not be judgmental, but to have faith.

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Become a Bestselling Author: This Is Clever -- I love this strategy, it's very appealing. But you need patience - http://www.justwriteabook.com/blog/self-publishing/become-bestselling-author-clever/

Become a Bestselling Author: This Is Clever


10 Things Successful Writers Do Differently


10 Secrets to Write a Story

10 Secrets On How to Write a Story


Giant shower curtain art! This is so GENIUS!! Go buy four pieces of plywood from Home Depot and then stretch a shower curtain over them! Inexpensive way to create giant wall art to fill those big spaces

10 DIY Projects I Can't Wait To Make For My New Apartment - That Cheap Bitch


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The Classroom Key: A Week-Long Poetry Unit


He’s the street artist they call the ‘French Banksy’, his provocative, epic murals appearing overnight, as if from nowhere. From the Paris banlieues where he grew up to New York and Shanghai, JR has a mission – to make us see those we have made invisible - Photograph: Mike McGregor

JR: ‘I realised I was giving people a voice’


17-year-old Prince (Photo by Robert Whitman / courtesy of Mr. Musichead Gallery)

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lapis lazuli earrings in brass and silver

Lapis lazuli triangular earrings in brass and silver


Design, Create, Inspire!: Make a Wish Light Up Art Canvas

Design, Create, Inspire!: Make a Wish Light Up Art Canvas


Use ANY canvas, apply stickers, decal, etc., and spray paint. Remove Decals; hang white lights behind it.

AT Europe: Paris - Valérie Boy at Salon Maison et Objet


Learn the secrets to making amazing Marble Art with a stunning high gloss look!!

{Art Fix} DIY Marble Art - Home Made By Carmona


this is not an actual piece of stone, but a photograph! how cool!

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Tapis Berbere dit tapis tableau "Boucherouite" Rug — LES PETITS BOHEMES

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Contest of flower carpets in Ventspils (Latvia) | FLOWERCAST.COM | All about flower design, floristics.

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yago hortal

Yago Hortal e a energia vital de sua arte


Street Art

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You don't need to paint a masterpiece to create beautiful art! This wall hanging couldn't be easier to make, and the finished product is a bold statement piece that we would love to hang up. The tutorial uses a combination of polyester and cotton yarn, but notes that the cotton hangs straighter because of its higher weight. To straighten out the ends, we'd also try wetting them and then leaving the strands to dry.

Fringe Yarn Art | Maker Crate


Wet yarn with glue, arrange on wax paper, allow to dry~Moon~by Elaine Carstairs Beautiful.

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