A Time for Expression, LLC / Beth Freschi

A Time for Expression, LLC / Beth Freschi

Beth Freschi is a relaxation and life coach based in Saint Paul, MN. Owner of A Time for Expression, LLC.
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"Live long and prosper, little kitten." May you be safe and protected. May you be happy and calm. May you be loved and cared for. ~ Loving Kindness Meditation www.atimeforexpression.com

Practicing loving kindness meditation fosters a sense of kindness and friendliness toward the self and others through extending good wishes and intentions, and opening the heart to a life of love and acceptance.

Keeping your energy reserves filled can be a challenging task this time of year. However, it’s an essential part of staying healthy and enjoying the holiday season. 

Picturing your goal, using all your senses to imagine yourself overcoming obstacles, is one of the most vital ways of using guided imagery.

Anxiety. It can range from a little stressed out to a debilitating full-on panic. It can affect someone for a short time or for many years to even decades