I didn't see it on Broadway but I did see Wicked (October which is a Broadway musical. I also Aladdin on Broadway, February and I saw Wicked again Ocotber 2015

I did something so so wrong and I know that it's difficult but I really need my best friend...and I know I should've thought about that sooner. And forgiveness is a huge thing to ask for so when they're ready I'll be here.

DONE! Ballroom Dancing: My friend gave me ballroom dancing lessons as a 30 birthday gift. First we learned all the standards, then we took swing dance lessons for a few months. We tried tango but didn't get too far. We can still Swing tho!

I already did that :) twice. Lois Ruby came to my school when I was in grade and signed one of my books and this past summer, I met R.L. Stine in New York and he signed his new book for me at the book signing he did in Barnes and Noble.

well, i have always loved acting and wanted to act. since i was five. but i was scared. serious stage fright. i do not necessarily need to be in a movie. but i need to lose my fear and find a stage and try.

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