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Try one of DK’s awesome series of interactive coding workbooks. Each one offers a series of exercises and projects designed to get kids using the computer coding concepts they’re learning.

I have several coding workbooks and my students can't get enough. It breaks down activities into simple steps so that students can find success with coding and can expand their skills and confidence.

IFM - 1 HauntedHouse - YouTube

A screencast to support the "Itching For More" intermediate Computing Science materials from the Royal Society of Edinburgh/British Computer Society.

Scratch is definately the most famous visual programming language there is. It has been founded at MIT Media Lab, and through a very intuitive design children at very young age can create games. Scratch let’s users upload their games to their web 2.0 platform, giving users an oppertunity to learn from others .

'Scratch is an application that develops students knowledge on coding. Prior knowledge of 'Scratch Jr' is required to successfully use this coding program.

Help kids learn to code with DK Workbooks: Coding with Scratch . Computer coding is quickly becoming a necessary and sought-after skill. It is being incorporated into curriculum, beginning as early as

Learn more about computer coding and programming for kids with exclusive content from DK. Read the Why Kids Should Code article by DK Explore