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Bedroom Bedroom

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Teenage Attic Bedroom

Beth and I decided to knock out some walls to open up the space. Take advantage of the light. So now Mo has to pee in a bucket. That's why we got the lamp.

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Mansion Penang

Mansion Hotel

Mansion Malaysia

Room Hotel

Hotel Penang

Mansion Interior

Interior Arc

Shop Interior

Malaysia Hotels

The doe stared at Mo's chair confused, not realizing they'd arrived early. My ceramic woodland creature marriage proposal flash mob was ruined.

Macalister Mansion by Ministry of Design » CONTEMPORIST

Villa Mayavee

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Mix

Outdoor Bali

Dwell Outdoor

Deck Living

Outdoor Bliss

Outdoor Life

"But doesn't a living room need walls?" asked Mo. "What do you mean? I have glass walls," I replied. "No," Mo argued, "I'm pretty sure there are no walls." I shrugged. The change orders had kind of piled up lately.

vm_090611_14 » CONTEMPORIST

Bedroom Interiors

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Bedroom Ideas

Awesome White

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White Bedrooms

I hung art for you, Mo, I hung ART. What MORE do you WANT from ME?

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Architecture Master Bedroom

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Master Bedrooms

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Contemporary Dream

Contemporary Interiors

"Look at all of this warmth! And color!" I said. "You shot the photos in HDR, didn't you, you cheater?" responded Mo.

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Bathroom Loft

Bedroom Loft

Three Bedroom

Designs Loft

Loft Design

Loft Loft

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Hahahaha, you caught me. Whitney dared me. We didn't have enough plywood for the ceiling though. Hey, where are you going?

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Kitchen Spaces

Blue Kitchen

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Project H S

Room Mo

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Camenzind Evolution

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Interior Design

One room, Mo. I let you have one room, and look what you've done.


Jakobus Church

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Church Dream

"You need a lot of paint in here," said Mo. "Like, an UNHOLY amount."

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Mo ran so fast, she was just a blur.

Townhouse Tel Aviv by Levy:Chamizer Architects | HomeDSGN

Ecovillage House

Inside Literally

Japanese Ecovillage

House Shiga

Brings Nature

Bringing Nature

Shiga Japan

House Alts

Japanese Gardens

If only I could have included a few more neutral colored textures, I could have won Mo over.

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Dining Room Design

Dining Set

Dining Rooms

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"Add some texture," Mo said. Dining set made of poop. Texture, check.

Warren Apartment by Incorporated Architecture & Design | HomeDSGN

Sera Estudi

Estudi Epdse

Formentera Island

Formentera Spain

Island Marià


Island Spain

Sera Maria

Castello Martinez

"Sit outside, Beth. Alone. Face the other way. I can't even look at you."

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Graffiti Gomez

Casa Graffiti

Modern Grafiti

Grafitti House

Relaxation Modern

Design Rocks

Juan Solano

Fabulous Stairs

Decor Orange

Best idea yet: Pick one room to have color, then trap Mo in it.

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My Beach House

Beach House Ideas

Beach Condo

Beach Houses

Bold Interiors

Beach House Interiors

Awesome Alvarez

Hmm Colors

Alvarez Beach


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By Devolder

And Design

Home Design

Design Astonishing

Astonishing Living

Home Interior

Interior Designs

Studio In

House And

From those eggs will hatch our dreams of wall art.

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Inspired Interiors

You can watch TV over there, but nothing too colorful, please.

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Interior Living Room Dining

Room Dining Room

Living Spaces

Room Interiors Home

Modern Interiors

Stylejuicer House

Roces Tim

Roces By

Architectuurburo Archdaily

Mo is on her way over! Quick, brush the rug in all one direction so we can pretend it is brown!

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Najjar Architects

Architects 12

Architects Homedsgn

Manzaralı Modern

Modern Design

Pool Bathroom

Bathroom Modern

Pool Striking

Home Office Design

Built-in cabinets, where I file away the things I own that are in color.

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Booty Chairs

Chairs Win

Ass Chairs

Sexy Chairs

Chairs Black

Chairs Awesome

Chairs Unique

Chairs Yesss

Chairs Kinda

Does my ass look big in this chair?

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Bonanova Apartment

Barcelona Marià

Spaces Living

Living Area

Lofty Living

Modern Living Rooms

Apartments Wooden

Apartments Winding

Apartments Green

The concrete pillar divides the room between @It's Just Mo's half (furniture) and @Whitney Hall's half (books). The pillar itself is mine.

Bonanova Apartment by Marià Castelló Martínez | HomeDSGN

International Staircase

Space International

International Archdaily

Staircase Interiors

Home Interiors

Interiors Storage

Beachy Interiors

Staircase Ideas

Staircase Design

It's all . . . ummm . . . square. So it must be pretty, right?


Wooden Plank

Wooden Floor

Wall Wooden

Attitude Real

Jazzy Contemporary

Contemporary Houses

Gracias Studio

Mexico Pursuitist

Dog Protects

The dog protects my family from intruders, mice, and any chance of hanging portraits on the wall.

Casa Real del Mar by Gracias Studio | HomeDSGN

Underground Architecture

Underground Houses

Unique Underground

Underground Structure

Design Home Architecture

Architecture Residential

Cplusc Architecture

Concrete Architecture

Contemporary Architecture

You are formally invited to my housewarming party/skateboarding tournament.

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Formwerkz Architects

Architects 7

Minimal Modern Design

Terraces Maximum

Layered Gardens

Maximum Garden

Architecture Enhanced

House Creating

Creating Simple


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Coburn Residence

Residence Harris

Butt Architecture

Zealand Architecture

Architecture Queensland

Admired Architecture

Architecture Homedsgn

Residence Queenstown

Harris Butt

I fell absolutely in love with this place only to discover it was designed by a man named Harris Butt and now I can't stop giggling.

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