Not usually into arm tattoos for me but this is pretty

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Not really into arm tattoos personally, but love the design. Could see this being a really lovely rib tattoo.


Beautiful butterfly tattoo inked on waist line. a sexy tat idea for girls.except not with butterflies

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incision scar tattoo - Google Search

we can camouflage it with Jagua. Its a fruit based temporary tattoo gel that stains the skin a dark navy blue color for days. Give me a call by thehennagirlmiami

Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoos my next tattoo.

tummy tuck cover up- this is awesome! I wonder if it would work on my hysterectomy scar! Same place although not sure which I would want. A giant scar forever or a big ass tattoo there forever lol

Tatuagens para mulheres

Tatuagem feminina - 60 exemplos de tatuagens para mulheres.

a lotus flower tattoo on the hip with black and pink colors. Here we go! On the right track to my idea.