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Art of Bettie-Hebert-Felder(prints)

A few of my prints that are out there.We stop counting at Three million!! What a great God we have. Look around your house, you may find one on your walls. I sign Bettie-Hebert-Felder and under the name Thru Gods Grace. and I know that's the real truth .

Art of Bettie-Hebert-Felder(prints)

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Bettie Felder Pastoral Symphony Gather The Children Collector Plate .This tells about the back ground of the painting.B

Painting of 'Gather the Children '.

I love painting Mothers and their children .Nothing is as sweet and loving .B

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  • Laurie Parizek
    Laurie Parizek

    I just purchased t # 1803/2250 thru gods grace

Print by Bettie Hebert-Felder

  • Karen Klein
    Karen Klein

    Such beauty captured in this painting!

  • Cynthia Lesley
    Cynthia Lesley


Print by Bettie Hebert-Felder

Print by Bettie Hebert-Felder

  • Cynthia Lesley
    Cynthia Lesley

    love it and i have one on my wall.

Print by Bettie Hebert-Felder"-' Little Lambs'

Print by Bettie Hebert-Felder

  • SongBird86

    You are my most favorite artist! :-) ♡♡

Print by Bettie Hebert-Felder I love this painting so very much because this is a painting where I used my on child ;Kristina.'

'Circle of Love' Print by Bettie Hebert-Felder

'The carousel' Print By Bettie Hebert-Felder

  • Elaine Luisier
    Elaine Luisier

    I have a similar picture to this and all the colors are in blue, how come?

'Circle of Friends' Print by Bettie Hebert-Felder

'Proverbs Woman' Oil on paper by Bettie Hebert-Felder

'First Love' Painting by Bettie Hebert-Felder

Print of Bettie Hebert-Felder 'The road home'

  • christine waite
    christine waite

    Although it would be hard to pick my favorite of your paintings, it would have to be this one. I used to say I would never collect ANYTHING. Then I raised my first chicken...named it Sue, and it turned out to be a was love at first peep. Now my house is full of chicken collectibles!

  • Bettie Felder
    Bettie Felder

    That's so funny!!!! Never say never!


BLESSED TERESA CALCUTTA LOOKING FOR ANGELS.Painting on cover by Bettie hebert-Felder.

Angels in Our Midst Inspirations of Mother Teresa .Painting on cover by Bettie Hebert-Felder..

Jessica, my Aunt Bettie Hebert Felder painted this picture of my then 14 year old daughter. She sold over 1 million copies. So special to my heart!

  • Harriet Alison Nohe-Hutchins
    Harriet Alison Nohe-Hutchins

    I bought this the other day and I just love it. Any info you have to share about it would be so appreciated !!!!!!

  • Harriet Alison Nohe-Hutchins
    Harriet Alison Nohe-Hutchins

    I am on FB /

One of three prints sold together.B


One of the prints from my Angel series.B