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Because the heart beats under a covering of fur, feathers, or wings, it is, for that reason, to be of no account? Jean Paul THIS STUFF is hard to see. God knows I have a hard time seeing it. It haunts me forever . It is so hard for me to believe that human beings can commit such atrocites. ALL I HAVE IS MY VOICE. The least I can do is use it to bring awarness. I cannot hide myself because it is too awful to see. IF WE HIDE FROM THE TRUTH who will speak for the ones that have no voice.


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I have never found a picture of Christ with a pet prior to this painting. It is such an amazing inspired work of art thatshows our Savior caring for our beloved pets that have passed on.

Dickens house

Gata lectora y naturalista (ilustración de Susan Herbert)

The perfect kissy face!

We call Dexie "Catlock Holmes" because he can find his catnip mouse no matter where it hides. ~~ Houston Foodlovers

"There go the upstairs neighbors, arguing again, " griped Ed, "and who knows what the fight is about this time. Boy, if I was a fly on the wall... hey, wait a minute!"

animal head drawings.

Dickens house


incredible tigers...........

"I love my Mother as the trees love water and sunshine -she helps me grow, prosper, and reach great heights." ~Terri Guillemets

Cute giraffe snuggle

Golden Retriever Mom With Siberian Tiger Pups 150x99 Unusual Animal Families (PHOTOS) The first mom up is Isabella, a golden retriever in Kansas who adopted three white Bengal tiger cubs and nursed them as her own. The tiger cubs — Nasira, Anjika and Sidani — needed somewhere to turn because their mother stopped nursing them 15 hours after their birth. Zookeepers Tom and Allie Harvey brought the cubs home, and their dog Isabella stepped right up. Photo Credit: Tom Harvey and Keith Philpott


Check out this interactive #infographic from The Humane Society of the United States to see the amazing things accomplished for animals this year!

Earlier today, this photo was uploaded to Reddit by user Dagorlad and everyone on the site collectively “Awwed.” | Kids Read To Sheltered Cats And Everyone's Heart Collectively Melts


A Man Shares Breakfast With His Deer Friends - You Won't Believe How Many

Look, mine all mine

so true!

Urge the FDA to Ban Dog Treats Imports Until They are Safe to Consume! - The Animal Rescue Site

Zeus is 15-years-old, deaf and blind. His owner isn’t ready to just let him die yet though. Instead he is taking Zeus on an adventure, travelling all around Australia on a bicycle with Zeus in tow on a specially made cart.

mirror mirror (by Naturfotografie - Stefan Betz)