bow ties on bibs.  So cute.

Dog And Cat Bow Ties + Baby Bib And One Piece Bow Ties

Baby bow tie bibs, but no hat. We don't want a hipster baby.

15 Pun Christmas Gift Ideas

15 "Pun" Christmas Gift Ideas

15 Pun Christmas Gift Ideas Love the Mistle Toes idea, maybe change it with some slippers and foot lotion.

Custom white and gold coffee mugs from Style Dahlia

The 15 Best Bridesmaids Gifts Ever From Etsy

cute idea. for me....

For test days! Or even better "your such a smarty pants" for a good score on a big test or project.

great give idea

A beautiful way to brighten a new mum's life: a gift basket filled with goodies.That way she can eat and drink in bed, ripping off pieces of bread and chunks of cheese, much to her delight, I'm sure!

aesop | paris


Skincare products at Aesop‘s latest store in Paris are displayed on 427 steel caps that would normally be used in the city’s plumbing network.

The Purse!!!

Street Style: the Fashion Overdose on the Streets. (Eiffel Tower Clutch, Strawberry Ice Skirt and Retro Greenish Pattern Blouse)