Barack Obama, Annie Leibovitz

Barack and Michelle Obama in Vogue

President Barack Obama and the missus, Michelle Obama, looking fly in the January 2009 issue of Vogue magazine. The portraits were photographed by Annie Leibovitz, but of course.

That's love right there... #Obama

I love the love between these two- their sincere and obvious affection for each other is such a beautiful thing to see. A true representation of life partners.

President Obama in deep thought on his trip to Alaska

President Obama in deep thought on his trip to Alaska. about Climate changes?

#44th #POTUS #BarackObama 1st African American U.S. President

Dignity, Integrity, Intelligence, Grace and Class.Everything Trump Lacks. Never been so Embarrassed for my Country as I am now. Trump NEVER should have been elected for too many reasons to count at this point.

President Obama & Rosa Parks

Images of Barack Obama and Rosa Parks, riding a bus during the civil rights marches.