Betty Waltersdorf

Betty Waltersdorf
Lisle,Illinois,USA / Betty Waltersdorf has worked as a professional English instructor for many years now, accumulating a high level of experience working with children.
Betty Waltersdorf
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Betty Waltersdorf is an English instructor who has been working closely with developing children for many years now.

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Betty Waltersdorf is a professional English teacher who has always stressed the importance that there is nothing in life you can’t solve if you are willing to learn.

The demand for Spanish-speaking teachers is increasing in urgency: As schools scramble to adapt curricula and classes to a changing population, it’s more.

When Betty Waltersdorf is asked why she became a teacher, an occupation that is usually underpaid and underappreciated, she doesn’t hesitate to say that it was for her love of children.

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